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A teacher: The noble act

By Cleofe V. Polon

Teachers are duly licensed professionals who possesses dignity and reputation with high moral values as well as technical and professional competence in the practice of their noble profession, they strictly adhere to, observe, and practice this set of ethical and moral principles, standards, and values. The schools are the nurseries of the future citizens of the state. Teacher is a trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation and is under obligation to transmit to learners such heritage as well as to elevate national morality, promote national pride, cultivate love of country, instill allegiance to the constitution and for all duly constituted authorities, and promote obedience to the laws of the state. Every teacher shall possess and actualize a full commitment and devotion to duty.

Pupil’s activities, lessons and discussions, paper works are commonly tasks that a teacher should have in the classroom. But aside from these, the environment, co-workers, and administrators are there to add spice to everyday living of a teacher. One of the aspect why teacher enjoy working in the school is the ambiance of its environment. There are different teachers. First, a teacher that just do his job and nothing else. They teach what is told and aligned lesson for the day. Books are his source and that is end there. Second, a teacher that doing his job with a continuation process. Doing good, applicable and effective classroom materials. Doing artful slides with videos and additional activities for the transcend of the discussions. Third, a teacher that come to school just for the attendance. Doing small tasks and wait for the afternoon out. In accordance with these, the behavioral task of each person in the school are very much important. Teacher should acts as what is nicer for everyone. It should be clipped with long patience since inside of the room discussion are already triggered with pupils so then with the co-workers. Teachers should have limitations as well. Be patience, always understand for the sake of the pupils, and have wide range of thinking though its quite hard to do at all at the same time. Even the administration and office clerks are the commonly persons involved in the school, so teacher should not be feel anxious if there are new implementation followed by them. They just followed orders from the higher ups. Even with the parents and stakeholders, teachers should be in there to support what is in need. Teacher should acts as a facilitator of all learnings. He should be kind and approachable even if he is not feeling well. H should not be angry when parents needs help for their kids. Teacher acts as parent as well. Whatever problem are in the pupils, he should always be there. He should act as a guidance councilor as well. Teacher should be a gardener or helper also in school. For the beautification for assigned room, h should be versatile so that everything will be smooth, clean and beautiful inside and outside of the room. Despite of all these, teacher should hold still, focusing on the effectiveness of the learning of the pupils.

It should be just. Since that are the ethics of a teacher, it should be done as stated. What is in the code of ethics should be followed. No matter how hard it is, life of a teacher is still uphold with pride and dignity. For the teachers sake, what he acts in the school is what he is in his co-workers, so it reflects to the teachers deeds. Teachers attitude towards everybody reflects to his personality. So it will add as a good model in the school. Even the pupils and parents will benefits for what the behavior the teacher possess in school.

Teacher should always be a teacher no matter what. That is a life of a teacher. A long process of dealing to everybody aligned with the ethics. It will make things simple for the effectiveness in the education of the pupils.


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