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Addressing Anxiety Attacks

If you are experiencing an anxiety attack right now then this article is for you. Or if you had and maybe in the the future, God forbid, shall have bouts of anxiety attacks then it is best to know now than suffer its harrowing effects unprepared. Knowledge, yes though cliche, is power.

First and foremost it may also be called panic attacks, social anxieties, phobias, etc. Well, why should you take my two cents worth of opinion about it? In a nutshell, I myself experienced sizable spells of this exhausting condition.

For a long time it was my Achilles’ heel or my Waterloo. My anxiety lasted at least twenty minutes or so. I would ask my siblings to watch over me. I felt weak and scared. It was panic mode. I would just lay in bed, and let it pass. It would happen almost every two days.

Sometimes it would be so severe that I could not even go to the dining room consequently I would take my meals in the bedroom. I guess I could say that it was so debilitating that I did not like to go out of the house anymore. I thought to myself what if I have an attack in a crowded mall or church or any public area. That was the greatest fear.

So, I decided to be proactive about it. I consulted my doctor and she recommended Progressive Muscle Relaxation. What is PMR? It is a way to relax the body either seated or on the bed. One can contract the muscles, hold it for a minute then release. One can feel the stress and tension dissipate from the body. One begins from the toes up to the facial muscles. There are tutorials on YouTube.

Candies and water help subside the anxieties. Regular physical exercises and activities also help reduce the condition’s consequences. Listening to Classical Music such as Mozart further helps alleviate the discomfort— from malady to melody.

Avoiding certain types of foods moreover help ease the symptoms of the condition. Sodas, coffee, chocolate, liquor, beer, processed foods may trigger agitation thus must be eliminated from one’s nutritional plan. It is best to listen to your body, when do you know if you are lactose intolerant? If you drank milk and could not digest it well and is flushed out of your system.

In my case, it all went away when I stopped taking a particular drug. The doctor who prescribed it to me just brushed aside my complaints. I had to convince her that the day I took that medicine was the day I began having anxiety attacks. When I stopped, they ended. Simple. I decided to change doctors. Now, I consult with a doctor who believes that listening to the patient is beneficial because they have first-hand experience of the effects of prescribed medications. It is their body that feels the effects AND side-effects whether good or bad.

Find what works for you, there is a plethora of strategic skills and coping mechanisms online. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And the mere fact that you know there are many of us out there is completely comforting and encouraging. Remember it is case to case basis, each one is unique. But being informed of the myriad healing possibilities gives hope.

It is no laughing matter, if only they are in our shoes then they would not even smile. What is important is, there is light within and at the end of the tunnel. It is not a terminal illness. We still can achieve complete recovery, we only need to know how and for us to pray that God will heal us in the best possible way He knows how. And that is the best solution. Amen.

Special Mention to Father Nono, Monsignor Buentiempo, Rhea and Ate Rani. Any topic recommendation or just want to say hello? Send a message to: Email: | And, please do subscribe @jameszcarpio on YouTube. Thank You. May you be inspired by The Holy Spirit and God Bless!


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