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Airplane Tales and Travels

When we travel by plane or any means of transportation for that matter, we encounter amusing events. From queuing at the entrance for identification checks and ticket inspection until arrival at the exit for a ride to get to our final destination.

Perhaps, we should not wear a belt anymore when we travel by plane because it is, absolutely, inconvenient to remove them and put them back on again at the security and X-ray scanning machine section. This may also apply to shoes with laces. It is better to wear loafers instead.

We must always be mindful of our carry-on-baggage. We do not want to leave them behind otherwise it may be lost or stolen. Specially, during peak season, the airport lounge could be, certainly, crowded. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Dear reader, in my most recent trip, this writer was with his older brother and an aide-de-camp. Our assistant lost his wallet in the airport at Panglao International Airport, Bohol, Philippines. We were hopeful to retrieve it from the lost and found department of the Airport when would take our flight back to Manila.

Upon boarding time, we were the last passengers about to leave the gate. We were informed that, indeed, he lost the wallet in the airport, and found it. He hurried to get it from the lost and found section and was beaming when he got it back.

One airport personnel also found a lost smart cellphone. When I saw the wallpaper, I smiled. It was a baby. There are still a lot of good and honest people in the world today. Thank God!

We were seated near the back part of the plane. During our flight, I heard a little boy saying, “Hi!”, to the other passengers as he was walking towards the lavatory together with his mother. I replied to him with the same greeting and added, “How are you doing today?” He waved his small hand and smiled.

With the advent of modern technology, passengers were documenting their travel with smart cellphones. Taking shots of the clouds, the interiors of the plane, their family and the ever popular “selfies”.

On our way to Bohol our flight then was delayed for a few hours. The airline staff were, profusely, apologizing to the passengers. I replied to the Flight Attendant, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry, we understand the situation completely”.

However, when we were approaching Manila, providentially, the Captain announced that we would arrive twenty-five-minutes early. That is life. It is exciting. It has highs and lows. It is a roller-coaster-ride. What matters in the end is how you enjoyed them even the difficult moments. Life is wonderful.

When the plane landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, most passengers stood up, eager to deplane. For a few minutes they were waiting. Then, the pilot announced that they may like to sit down for a couple of minutes more as airplane doors are still shut because the bus that would take us to the arrival area is still on its way.

The man standing beside my seat, finally, was able to take the opportunity to get his belongings which were placed in a overhead bin a little farther from his seat in front of us.

There were wheels with it, I surmised that it is a stroller, but, just to be sure I asked him, “It that a stroller?” He exclaimed, “Yes”, I said, “You have a baby”, and added, “Have a great day!” Then, he thanked me for my patience.

Later on, passengers from the front part of the plane walked toward the back exit. Then, remember, the cheerful little boy? I saw him again. I told him, “It is you again, how many said “hi” back to you? And I added, “Have a great day!”. His mother was proud by the way of her son. She was all smiles.

I remembered my days in Corporate Manila when it was my job as part of the Sales Team. We had to greet more than three hundred or more clients a day. Only, a few would, actually, say ‘Good Morning, good afternoon, or good evening!” as a reply. But, I know in my heart that they appreciate the pleasantries.

For the little boy, he was happy to see people. He was greeting them with a smile and a wave. It is a wonderful world indeed. The future is in their hands. And, I am glad. It is a bright and cheerful future. We have to protect them, encourage them, and, pray for them. One day, hopefully, by God’s grace we will indeed, be proud of them.

We have experienced first hand that the world has started to recover from its woes. We saw families both from the Philippines and abroad traveling again. We saw Koreans, Japanese, Canadians, Americans, and Europeans in Bohol. The hotels, resorts, restaurants, activity-based-enterprises like scuba diving, are abuzz with tourists. Bohol is beautiful. It reminds me of my travel to Boracay. But, of course, Bicol is equally as beautiful.

When we explore the world we see many wonderful things. The ocean, the sea, the mountains, the valleys, the fields, the hills and, essentially, Mother Earth at her best. We come alive when we commune with nature. We appreciate God’s creation all the more.

It is a much needed relief and respite from the perils of the dreaded virus, and other unmentionables. We recover, we heal, and we are motivated to take into fruition our own purpose in our own lives. We need to rest. After His creation, God Himself rested.

You need not go far. We are an archipelago. We have more than seven thousand islands. In Bicol, there is Siruma, Sabang beach, Pasacao beach, Caramoan beach, in Masbate and in Sorsogon. Fine white, brown, black, and pink sands; with pebbles or powdery– we all have them.

In the final analysis, we are all blessed. We just have to set our priorities in place, God first and everything else will follow. Why? Because never ever take Him for granted for He loves you so much, and, to your chagrin someday, you will realize that you lost a Diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

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