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Alagang UNC: From Enrollment to Employment

The University of Nueva Caceres, the first University in Southern Luzon, and now a Diamond University, guarantees to nurture students to be future-ready, work-ready, and life-ready. UNC is Bicolano learners’ best BET to achieve their goals: Makatapos, Magkatrabaho, at Magtagumpay. It offers the Best student life, Excellent student outcomes, and a Top school reputation or BET. UNC is a coaching community, from enrollment to employment and from campus to communities and careers.

Among the strongest aspirations of the University of Nueva Caceres is to cultivate these UNCean Graduate Attributes: (1) EXcellent communicator, (2) Creative leader, (3) Ethical citizen, and (4) Lifelong learner. UNCeans (ExCEL)! UNC caters to the characteristics and contexts of our 21st Century learners, allowing them to immerse themselves in meaningful educational experiences and flexible learning modalities with more options, like studying at their own pace, own place, and own space. Indeed, UNC’s educational innovations expand opportunities for all so that Everybody Makes It.

Excellent Student Outcomes for Excellent Employment Outcomes

The University of Nueva Caceres is primed to be a leading Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Provider in Bicol, an epicenter of institutional research in the Region, a trailblazer in national and global linkages, and home of programs recognized locally and internationally. A testament to this is the distinction from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), one of the most credible accreditation associations in the country, catapulting UNC as the institution with the highest number of accredited programs in the Bicol Region.

Students’ technical skills and values, competencies, and character are nurtured from Elementary to Graduate School, empowering them to become future-ready. Our faculty members are industry practitioners and certified to deliver world-class instruction: Game-based for Elementary, Industry-based for Senior High School, and Research-based for College. The outcomes are synchronized, contextualized, and relevant.

UNC is committed to providing the best student life experience and employability. UNCeans leverage our strengthened industry collaboration and employer partnership, ensuring that our students and graduates have job opportunities in our big employer partners like Ayala and Yuchengco Group of Companies, Accenture, IBM, Globe, and many more. Our UNCean board top notchers and outstanding alumni are the best proof of our high employment rate and national board examination performance.

UNCeans are Employers’ Top Choice

Today’s labor market presents the pressing and perpetuating problems of unemployment, underemployment, skills mismatch, and deficiency across industries - against the backdrop of poverty. Studies show that in the Philippines, graduates do not easily qualify to fill the available jobs in the labor market. In part, this stems from the outdated higher education curriculum where sadly, the skills required by employers are not developed and polished.

UNC responds by enhancing our core curriculum to develop a highly capable workforce and address the changing demands of the industries. Our academic programs provide UNC students and graduates with theoretical knowledge, and more importantly, practical skills and experience which are certified and recognized by industries. UNC builds students’ competencies and capabilities through the powerfully re-engineered multiple-qualification program, micro-credentialing, and skills certifications, which altogether have become supremely relevant today. These credentials and certifications further cultivate UNCeans’ competitive advantage and edge to get ahead toward being employers’ top choice.


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