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Albay diocese prohibits use of Marian title, ‘Inang Salvacion’

By CBCP News

A Catholic diocese in the Bicol region, south of the Philippine capital, is discouraging the use of the title “Inang Salvacion” in reference to its diocesan patroness, Nuestra Señora de Salvacion.

“This shortened title is theologically problematic, for this Bicol term does not translate as ‘Mother of Salvation’ but as ‘Mother who is Salvation’, Bishop Joel Baylon of Legazpi said in a circular issued Dec. 1.

The diocese made the call amid observations of a “growing use” of the title among devotees, “perhaps as a term of endearment or just to shorten the lengthy formal title”. The diocese explained that the Blessed Virgin Mary “is not our salvation, but our devotion to her leads us closer to her Son”.

“Our Savior, our salvation is our Lord Jesus Christ. The Blessed Virgin Mary is our Mother of Salvation because she is the Mother of Christ,” Baylon said.


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