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Albay town hit by ASF

By Mar S. Arguelles

THE local government unit (LGU) of Bacacay in Albay province has set up animal checkpoints in the town borders after cases of African Swine Fever (AASF) infected 61 hogs in Barangay Hindi in said town.

Bacacay Mayor Armando “Dinky” Romano said some 61 hogs were culled on Tuesday, Feb. 2, after the examinations result found the pigs positive for ASF.

Romano said veterinarians had declared Barangay Hindi as the epicenter of the ASF where backyard hog raisers within the 500 meters of the infection were advised to subject their pigs for ASF examination and once tested positive of the disease, to subject their hogs for depopulation.

Romano said the animal checkpoint was meant to check the entry and exit of animals including meat products from areas declared as ASF hot spot thus preventing the spread of the animal disease.

Bacacay town is a second class municipality whose livelihood depends largely on tourism and agriculture.


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