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Albayano deputy secretary at Senate praised for 36 yrs of service

By Rhaydz B. Barcia

LEGAZPI CITY --- Members of the upper chamber extended their heartfelt appreciation to Senate Deputy Secretary, Lawyer Edwin Bellen, 65, a native of Bacacay town in Albay, who dedicated 36 years of service to the Senate, assisting in the crafting of crucial legislation.

Senator Joel Villanueva led the commendation, as Bellen concluded his government service yesterday. Villanueva noted that the Senators gave Bellen a standing ovation on his final day in the role, accompanied by a Senate resolution acknowledging his exceptional contributions to law-making.

“We, Senators, gave a standing ovation on the last day of Deputy Secretary Edwin Bellen in the Senate after 36 years of service. We also filed a resolution to recognize his invaluable contribution for crafting and improving laws,” Senator Villanueva announced in a Facebook post.

Bellen’s remarkable journey began with humble origins. He initially joined the Senate as a clerk and legislative staff assistant in 1987, following the downfall of the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Bellen’s eldest son, Atty. Jethro Marvin “Jet” Bellen, recounted his father’s dedication and commitment to both his work and principles.

“My father started at the Senate as a clerk, a legislative staff assistant. When he was looking for a job in Manila, an interviewer mocked him because all he could afford to wear at the interview was an old polo shirt and a pair of worn-down corduroy pants,” Jet shared in his Facebook post.

Bellen’s unwavering devotion to public service, coupled with his deep faith, was evident in his daily rituals. He began each day by reading scriptures and reviewing the Rules of the Senate, emphasizing his commitment to God and country.

As he enters retirement, Bellen looks forward to returning to Albay, spending time with his adopted dogs, delving into his extensive book collection, and inspiring the next generation of law students as a Constitutional Law professor.

The young Bellen expressed profound pride in being the eldest son of such a distinguished public servant. He was pleasantly surprised by the Senate's unanimous adoption of an unnumbered Senate Resolution to honor his father.

Additionally, Bellen’ colleagues in the Senate lauded his exemplary leadership throughout his tenure, describing him as an inspirational figure who contributed significantly to the legislative process.

Suh Samanodi-Candao, assistant director of Senate Legislative Research Service, praised Bellen’s tireless dedication, unwavering commitment, and mentorship. She described him as a “pillar of the Senate” and a guiding light in the intricate world of governance.

Bellen’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable 36-year journey in public service. His legacy, deeply etched in the hearts and minds of those he influenced, will continue to shine brightly as an enduring source of wisdom.

The Senators and Bellen's colleagues expressed their gratitude, respect, and admiration for his exceptional contributions to the Senate and the nation. His retirement is celebrated with joy and the well-deserved tranquility that follows a lifetime of dedicated service.

Bellen’s educational background includes studies at Bicol University in Legazpi, a Bachelor of Laws from MLQU, and diplomas in Development Policy and Public Administration (both Cum Laude) from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He also shares his knowledge as a professor in various universities.

Before his Senate career, Bellen served as the KB chairman in Bacacay town and held the position of KB Provincial Federation President of Albay, representing the Youth Sector during a time of Martial Law.

BELLEN (center) as he receives his commendation. Photo courtesy of Edwin Bellen


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