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ALECO launches massive right-of-way clearing ops

By Jun de Leoz

LEGAZPI CITY --- Together with the Provincial Government of Albay, member cooperatives of the Bicol Electric Cooperatives Association (BECA), the Albay Electric Cooperative (ALECO) under the management of the National Electrification Administration (NEA), launched on Monday, January 23, 2022, a massive right-of-way clearing operations to minimize power interruption and contain systems loss in the province of Albay.

Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman welcomed and hosted the contingent of 65-linemen and technicians from the 12 cooperative-members of BECA, who are all in the province to help out in the clearing operations.

According to Engr. Makoy Lucilo, technical manager of ALECO, the said clearing operation aims to protect the public from hazards and ensure reliability of electrical services.

Trees touching cable lines are the most common causes of electrical outages and ‘blinks’ which are dangerous hence the need for an aggressive right-of-way clearing operations.

Preventing habitation of animals which may cause outages is also targeted.

In short, with the clearing operations, ALECO expects to improve their System Average Interruption Frequency and Duration Index to standard levels.

According to Lucilo, during the previous management specifically the Albay Power and Energy Corporation (APEC), the frequency and duration of interruption have fallen to a low level, hence the need for the clearing operations.

To some extent systems loss is also avoided though minimal by this clearing operations, Lucilo added.

The Provincial Government of Albay hosted their stay in the province as a gesture of its gratitude to these 65 men who opted to stay away from their families just to help the Albayanos.


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