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AN OPEN LETTER: Chandeliers inside the Peñafrancia Church

Reverend Father:

I was eleven when my family first came to Naga in 1952. I can still remember the first time my mother brought me to the Peñafrancia Church, I was amazed by the beautiful chandeliers inside the church, still completely lighted and glittering. That was 70 years ago.

I always see those chandeliers because the Peñafrancia Church is where I go on Sundays. Looking at them now, they have changed compared to how they were the first time I saw them in 1952; the elements are dusty, corroded, rusty, no glitter, and some lights are busted. Rusty chains to which the chandeliers are hanged are also noticeable. All these are indications of lack of maintenance; cleaning and polishing the elements and replacement of busted lights.

Another important concern that should be looked into for the sake of safety of the church goers is the condition of the rusting chains to which the chandeliers are hanged. These chains are metals that, in time, corrode and eventually lessen their original capacity to hold weights. After more than 72 years those chains might have weakened and unable to hold the chandeliers’ weights.

I, as one of the church goers to the Peñafrancia Church, am requesting the Peñafrancia Parish to issue statement or a memorandum stating; when was the last time the chain and their structural supports were inspected (if ever) by a qualified engineer. That engineer should issue a report of the inspection and certify that those chains are still safe and pose no hazard.

Also, it would add to the church goers’ delight to see those chandeliers shining, glittering and completely (LED) lighted. Would it be too much to ask the Church Parish to initiate a move to upgrade the present conditions of those chandeliers?

I am hoping that this concern would not fall on deaf ears but initiate a positive reaction on the part of the Peñafrancia Church Parish, thank you.

Very truly yours,

Wenfredo A. Firme

Catmon 2, Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

Cp No. 0908 557 9911

Cc: Most Reverend

Rolando Tria Tirona


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