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ANFRM conducts Ranow Youth Guardian Campaign Alignment

By Christian C. Reganit

In a pivotal move towards environmental stewardship, the Act Now for Ranow Movement (ANFRM) orchestrated the Ranow Youth Guardian Campaign Alignment (RYGCA) at the National Child Development Center (NCDC) in Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Bato, Camarines Sur, on October 7, 2023.

The event, a one-day affair, served as a platform for ANFRM to showcase their accomplishments, initiate open discussions on climate action and disaster resilience, and immerse participants in the ecological significance of Lake Bato.

Mr. James Nathaniel Refugio, ANFRM’s founder, spearheaded the campaign with a call for youth engagement in driving impactful change within communities, emphasizing that collective small efforts yield monumental impacts.

A major highlight was the presentation of ANFRM’s achievements over the last three years, including prestigious accolades such as being named a National Finalist for the 20th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Award and securing the ‘Best Environmental Sustainability Program Award’ at the Junior Chamber International South Luzon Merit Award.

The event centered on open dialogues, inviting attendees to share their insights on youth involvement in climate action and disaster resilience. It aimed to empower the younger generation to claim leadership roles in biodiversity conservation and community development.

The gathering also included an immersive experience at Lake Bato, enabling participants to witness the lake’s ecosystem and understand its role in sustainable development.

Stacy Argarin, a local participant, voiced concern about Lake Bato’s declining condition, urging collaborative action among stakeholders to protect and preserve this essential natural asset.

“I still believe that we can address this problem. So, let us work hand in hand to protect, preserve, and conserve our Bato Lake because it is one of the blessings to Batoeños from the divine being,” Argarin said.

The alignment meeting concluded by honoring the contributions of all participants and volunteers in making the event a success.

ANFRM aims to roll out new initiatives focusing on behavior change communication and biodiversity conservation, encouraging more residents and stakeholders to contribute towards a collective goal of sustainable development.

THE Ranow Youth Guardian Campaign Alignment (RYGCA) volunteers and participants during lake immersion at Bato, Camarines Sur on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Arrianne Delos Reyes


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