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Aviation Security Group 5 chief charged with frustrated murder

By Cet Dematera

The regional commander of the Aviation Security Group (ASG) in Bicol was charged on Monday (Nov. 22) afternoon with frustrated murder before the Legazpi City Prosecutor’s Office by the police non-commissioned officer (PNCO) who lost his right eye in a commotion inside Camp General Simeon Ola a week ago.

Police Master Sergeant Ricky Brabante of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 5, filed the frustrated murder complaint against Police Col. Dulnoan Dinamling Jr., assigned as the Bicol ASG chief.

Initial investigation showed that Dinamling hit Brabante with a bottle that gravely damaged the latter’s right eye, which prompted doctors to removed the eye through an operation.

In a visit at Camp Ola in Legazpi City on Nov. 21, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Dionardo Carlos said that Dinamling was already placed on restrictive custody.

Carlos ordered an immediate investigation of the incident to determine who are to be held responsible.

BGen. Jonnel Estomo, Bicol police director, had already ordered the relief of the Dinamling.

He had already recommended the dismissal and the filing of administrative complaint against the ASG Bicol chief.

“PNP Bicol, based on the programs and directives of the present administration, is strictly enforcing the law and the molding of discipline in each member,” Estomo said.

The Bicol police chief also conducted a re-enactment of the incident to clear up some hazy details.

Estomo said they would extend all the assistance needed by Brabante while the court trial of the case is going on.


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