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Back-to-school tips: The recycling for a super school year

By Willary A. Abriol

Grade 6 student

Blessed Lights International Christian Academy

ARE you ready for School Year 2023-2024? Well, I’ve got some helpful tips for you on how to help our parents save for this school year without buying all-new stuff. Let’s make this year awesome but at the same time be environment friendly!

1. PEN POWER: Search your drawers or old pencil cases from last year that may be hiding somewhere. It’s like a treasure hidden! Make a quick check to see if it is usable- does it still write? If yes, it’s your gem!

2. NOTEBOOK REPURPOSING-: Do you still have old notebooks with blank pages left? Oh! Don’t let them feel sad. Use them this year by designing or covering the front page with old gift wrappers. You can use sticky notes to make it organized and colorful too.

3. SUPER SCHOOL SHOES: Before you ask for new school shoes, see if your old ones still fit. Just give a good cleaning and voila!----it’s like brand new!

4. CREATIVE ART MATERIALS: Prior to buying all new art stuffs, check your art supplies stash! There may be unused glue, colored pencils half-used paints, markers.

5. ECO-FRIENDLY LUNCH/SNACKS CONTAINERS: Who could forget our food? Instead of using disposable plastics, put snacks and sandwiches in reusable container. You’ll not only help keep the planet, but also save money.

6. FUN EXCHANGE PARTY: Message and invite your friends over and have a swap party! Bring the things that you don’t like or need and trade with others. Someone else’s old stuff might be your next beloved possession!

That’s my top tips for being prepared for the school year without spending too much just to have “new” school things! Not only will we be able to save money, help our parents, but also show how much we love our planet! Enjoy a super school year, kids!


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