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Behind Closed Doors

I was already surprised with the morning news of the death of the Iranian president in a helicopter crash. I thought to myself, this may have some effects with his nation’s rising conflict with Israel, the movements of other anti-Israel groups in the Middle East, and its ties with Russia and the longstanding war with Ukraine. This may lead to some changes in national policy. Internally, some personalities or groups may take advantage of the situation to try to grab power. They may stop raining missiles on Israel. This could lead to some major changes. Let’s wait and see.

But later in the afternoon, towards the evening, I was even more surprised. I didn’t know that the senators were at odds. Well, Sen. Robin Padilla objected to Sen. Risa Hontiveros’ motion to cite Ptr. Apollo Quibuloy in contempt. (By the way, why has he not been caught yet?) Sen. Nancy Binay questioned Senator Padilla’s wife, Mariel Rodriguez’sdrip of glutathione or Vitamin C (whichever is the truth) in the Senate building. (Why is Robin Padilla involved in these confrontations?) But, we were not given the impression that they’re not struggling to take over the leadership. It seemed like a stable Senate. After all, this has got to be the only democratic Senate of 24 members, with only two of them in the minority. The remaining 22 should be a very strong 92% majority. That is no doubt, a majority in every sense of the word, overshadowing the 8% minority. That means that this 92% are all part of the Uniteam coalition of Marcos and Duterte or those who jumped on the bandwagon. They should be united as their team name suggests. None of them have outrightly spoken against now, former Senate President Zubiri. They all seem to be okay. Now, all of a sudden, a majority of the majority conspired to remove the Senate President from his position. No one told us that there was conflict among them. By the looks of it, there already has been and more may probably come.

The populace is left wondering why. Xen. Zubiri is no Kevin McCarthy or Mike Johnson. We have not seen any major clashes in policy. I even understood why then House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarezwas replaced. He did ruffled some or a lot of feathers back then. But, Zubiri? We didn’t even notice that feathers were already being ruffled. Well, I guess there were inevitable conflicts, with the issues on charter change, the Quibuloy inquiry, this PDEA leaks. But again, we have been under the impression that they’re all okay with it, treating the issues as part of work. Sen. Padilla was even quick to apologize about the drift issue. I suppose they all respected the failure of the objection against citing Quibuloy in contempt.

We don’t know why. The 15 ousters are not telling why. Sen. Zubiri says that he was removed for allowing Sen. Bato de la Rosa to hold his PDEA leaks hearings (which seem to be going nowhere). He also claims that it was “the powers that be” who instigated the ouster. A TV reporter who was interviewing him was quick to point out that the Senate President is number 3, the more powerful “powers that be” would be number 1, the President and number 2, the Vice President. But Zubiri avoided to point who among the two. On one hand, that’s just his speculation. Now, Senate President Chiz Escudero claims that they were not influenced by Malacanang or the House, and that they started talks just last week. So, it was just like planning to go swimming.

Let’s explore Zubiri’s speculations. He claims that he was replaced for defending de la Rosa. Sen. Bato was even among the 15. That muddies that theory. The former Senate President claims that it was the “powers that be”. Let’s look at the 15. Included is Sen. Imee Marcos who of course, would push his brother’s agenda. Included are Padilla, de la rosa, Go who are obvious Duterte defenders. Among the senators who did not go for the ouster were Legarda, Gatchalian, JV Ejercito and of course, the minority bloc of Pimentel and Hontiveros. These guys are clearly not obviously and logically connected with either Marcos or Duterte. So, maybe the “powers that be” theory could hold water. But are not the Marcos and Duterte camps at odds lately? So, did they decide to temporarily unite again just for the ouster? Again, why? Then, after the dust settled, President Bongbong Marcos himself expressed endorsement of Sen. Escudero’s Senate Presidency. He could have been shocked, but he was not. He declared support for the new senate president.

Many things are disguised behind closed doors.

““The eye of the adulterer waits for the twilight, Saying, ‘No eye will see me.’ And he disguises his face.” - Job 24:15


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