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BFAR says CamSur safe from red tide

By Paulo DS. Papa

BULA, Camarines Sur---The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Bicol regional office said that the province of Camarines Sur is negative from red tide, which is presently affecting the marine life in Sorsogon province.

Last week, BFAR raised the red tide alert in the coastal waters of Sorsogon and Masbate. It banned the sale and transport of all kinds of shellfish from these areas.

Nonie Enolva, BFAR-Bicol spokesperson, told Bicol Mail that shellfish such as red mussel (tahong) from Camarines Sur is safe to eat.

She said shellfish sold in public markets in Camarines Sur such as those in Naga City, Iriga City and Pili, are not from Sorsogon province thus they are safe for human consumption.

She clarified “tahong” and other shellfish sold in the provinces come from San Miguel Bay, thus they are free of red tide.

Enolva said that BFAR has not recorded any occurrence of red tide in San Miguel Bay for the past several years.

Due to the presence of red tide in Sorsogon province, BFAR is regularly conducting safety and quality control standards for paralytic shellfish poisoning monitoring activity as mandated by Administrative Order No. 235.

Enolva said boarder control in Pilar town and within the ports of Matnog and Bulan were already established to ensure that no shellfish from Sorsogon could be transported and sold outside the province.

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