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Bicol crime incidence drops 20% in 7 mos

By Mar S. Arguelles

Crime incidence in Bicol has significantly dropped by 20 percent during the period April to October this year owing to the four-point crime strategy implemented, the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Bicol said.

BGen. Jonnel Estomo, Bicol police chief, in a press statement said “the decline in crime figures may be attributed to a policing strategy bringing more policemen on the streets, setting up checkpoints and anti-crime operations to ensure public safety amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Estomo quoting PNP data said that crime incidence declined when he has assumed office for the period April to October this year with a 20.34 percent dropped to 7,666 recorded cases from 9,109 cases reported during the same period last year or 1,443 declines in the number of cases.

Of the total crimes recorded during the period, 536 cases were crimes against persons, 585 were crimes against property, 824 were non-index, 3,448 traffic incidents and 2,273 were crimes against special laws.

Top crimes committed under crimes against persons were rape with 555, physical injuries (255), murder (149), and Homicide (33 cases).

While for crimes against property, top crimes committed were theft with 561 cases, followed by robbery (165).

Non-index crimes include violations of special laws such as ECQ violations, illegal logging, illegal fishing, illegal gambling, narcotics, traffic violations, violence against women and children, fraud, and forgery.

However, several controversial cases such as the Ako Bicol Party List Rep. Rodel Batocabe murder in December 2018, Bicol University (BU) students Laesybel Almonacid rape slay in 2011, Cris Hugo slay in 2006, Camalig Mayor Florencio Munoz including 11 media killings remained unsolved, and considered as cold cases in Bicol.


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