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Bongalonta, Peña bare 2022 line up

By Paulo DS. Papa

Pili Mayor Tom Bongalonta and his running mate for vice mayor, former Camarines Sur Vice Governor Ato Peña have already finalized their line up for the forthcoming 2020 national and local elections.

In an interview, Peña said their team, Tom-Ato, will focus on maximizing development projects for the capital town.

We are not motivated politically but we are development oriented, Peña said.

He said team Tom-Ato will prioritize housing program for indigent Pili residents.

Peña explained that the program will be decentralized to create “towns within a town”. He added that he and his colleagues plan to provide one hectare per barangay for the housing project.

The team will also give importance to education for the youth of the town. A community college in barangay Del Rosario will be established, which will provide free education, he said.

Our goal is “Sarong graduado sa cada familiang Pileño”, he said.

He said that the opening of business opportunities and mass production of agricultural products from the town’s upper barangays are included in their development plan.

Most LGUs submit development plan but nothing happens because they don’t know the steps how to implement it, Peña said.

He said he is running for Pili vice mayor next year because he wants to share his knowledge and help his townmates.

I’m not here to quarrel with anyone or be greedy for power. I’m running because I want to share, Peña said.

The Bongalonta-Peña team includes: Francis Belen; Joel Bolaños;Narcel Lopez;Anayn Bongalonta-Castillo; Engr. Angel Pormalejo; Roxan Nayles; Jerry Canave; and Sandy Bicaldo.


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