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Brgys failing to submit budgets may face charges

By Paulo DS. Papa

APPROPRIATIONS Committee Chairman Jessie Albeus the Naga City Sangguniang Panlungsod discloses that all 27 barangay councils in the city have not yet submitted their proposed annual budgets for 2024.

This oversight has prompted warnings that constituents may now have the grounds to file administrative cases against their respective village officials.

Corazon Peñaflor, President of Naga’s Association of Barangay Captains, acknowledged last December that even a single barangay failed to submit its budget, citing activities related to the Barangay and SK elections held the previous year as a contributing factor.

Councilor Albeus, in a recent interview, confirmed the failure of barangay chairmen and councilors to meet the October 15 deadline mandated by the local government code for submitting annual budget proposals.

He emphasized that the Sangguniang Panlungsod would have had ample time to review and approve these proposals before the year’s end.

Albeus dismissed recent elections as a valid excuse, asserting that any barangay council failing to submit the proposal is prohibited from allocating funds for additional activities and facilities, limiting expenditures to honorariums under re-enacted funds.

Contrary to common practice, Albeus stressed that the law does not provide a blanket allowance for barangay governments failing to submit their proposed annual budgets, even in the context of elections.

The looming threat of administrative cases adds urgency to the situation, putting non-compliant barangays in a precarious position.

Budget refers to a financial plan outlining estimated revenues and expenses over a specific period. It helps individuals or organizations manage their resources, control spending, and achieve financial goals.

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