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Building lives

By Kezia Cherisse T. Sandejo

In a world where dreams often clash with reality, there are those who refuse to let go of their aspirations, no matter how fearsome the path may seem. I am Kezia Cherisse T. Sandejo, a young woman whose journey from being a sports fan to potential sports writer is an indication to determination, passion, and the power of chasing one’s goal.

I was not really a fan of sports because I could easily have a headache or asthma attack. However, from shooting basketballs one-by-one in school to running for PE class, I found excitement in the world of sports. It wasn’t until October 9,2022 that I realized my true calling lay not in playing the games, but in sharing players’ stories with others.

I was so surprised, ‘Sports Writing’ me?.I’ve always loved writing, and I liked sports. Why not combine the two? Everyone cheered me to join, so I did.

With newfound purpose, I set my sights on a career in sports journalism. But the road ahead was far from easy. As a young woman in a male-dominated field, I faced doubt at every turn. Yet, instead of letting it discourage me, I used it as fuel to move myself forward.

I knew I had to work twice as hard to prove myself. But I was willing to put in the hours, to learn, to grow, and show everyone that I’ve got.

And so, I began on my journey, reading books on sports writing, attending journalism training, sharpening my craft with every article I wrote, I prayed hard to achieve my goal to God. Despite the challenges, my passion burned brighter with each passing day, driving me closer to my goal.

After months of perseverance and with God’s help, my hard work paid off. I landed my first award in 2nd Place in Sports Writing-Filipino in Division Round and Participation in the Regional Round, where I made a name for myself with my thoughtful understanding and engaging in storytelling.

It was a dream come true. Hearing my name on stage, knowing all my hard work paid off. God supported me and gave me this wonderful blessing.

I am determined in my aspirations in sports journalism, advancing through the ranks. My mission extaends beyond personal success and I am committed in motivating others. My dedication serves as an inspiration, encouraging individuals to strive for their dreams and pursue excellence.


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