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Caceres Endorses “Uniform” Enhanced Archdiocesan Coat of Arms

On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Elevation of Caceres to an Archdiocese, the Archbishop Rolando J Tria Tirona, OCD issued a Circular on the enhanced version of our official coat arms.

The coat of arms of our archdiocese is rich in beauty, meaning and importance. It serves as a symbol of our over-four-hundred-year-old ecclesial community and a reminder of our rich history as a people of faith, hope and love. However, over the years, numerous renditions of the coat of arms have circulated; some of them falling short of truly expressing the meaning and beauty of it, thereby diminishing its purpose and importance.

To ensure uniformity and preserve the richness of the coat of arms, the Caceres Commission of Communications prepared an enhanced version of our official coat of arms. Accompanying it is a primer which details the meaning and evolution of our arms, and provides a guide on its proper use.

The said Enhanced version may also be downloaded online FBpage of the Archdiocese of Caceres.

The said coat of arm is sacred and therefore should not be used for commercial purposes nor any illicit/illegal activities that may cause abuse and misuse of the said insignia.

Effective last June 29, it must be used by all the parishes and commissions of our archdiocese may it be in print, digital or other means.

The Archbishop likewise enjoins all stakeholders and the general public to use this version of the coat of arms, should the need arise.

Let us continue to promote and represent our archdiocese by using our official coat of arms and be proud of what it signifies.


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