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Cadiz urges CASURECO 2 to pay dismissed workers

By Mark A. Gomez

Former Solicitor General Joel Cadiz who is running as representative of the 3rd District of Camarines Sur urged the Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative II (CASURECO 2) to comply with the decision of the National Labor Relations Commissions (NLRC) in Bicol by paying the monetary awards of over P 8 million given to 20 illegally dismissed workers including their reinstatement

In a forum organized by the St. Raphael The Archangel Parish on April 29, one of the significant issues that has been brought up was the refusal of CASURECO 2 to pay and reinstate the workers. The electric cooperative, through its counsel appealed the NLRC’s decision.

According to Cadiz, the decision of NLRC must be executed. The 20 illegally dismissed workers should receive their monetary claims and must be reinstated, if CASURECO 2 continues to refuse to pay, then its properties must be levied.

Meanwhile, lawyer Pito Tria, a former Naga City councilor, who is also a congressional aspirant, said that it is an advantage if the 3rd Congressional representative is a lawyer, because a lawyer can have a proper remedy to this kind of predicament. He said that he agreed with Cadiz that the decision must be enforced and if the CASURECO 2 does not comply with the decision, its properties must be levied.

Tria added that if the electric cooperative continues to be hard-headed, he will ask the court to cite its officials in contempt.

Noel De Luna, who is also running of the same district, said that the monetary claims and reinstatement were rights of the 20 illegally dismissed workers. De luna also said that CASURECO 2 is not functioning as a cooperative and that it should be registered with the Cooperative Development Authority.

On the part of Congressman Gabby Bordado, he said that a congressional representative need not be a lawyer in order to resolve this kind of problem.

Bordado said that it can easily be determined that CASURECO 2 must comply with the decision of NLRC as soon as possible.

He added that the refusal of CASURECO 2 to pay the monetary award and to reinstate the dismissed workers is illegal.

Cho Roco, a former representative of the 3rd District and also vying for the post, said he will seek the help of Atty. Joel Cadiz to combat this unjust practice .

POLITICAL FORUM Candidates for the 3rd congressional district of Camarines Sur participate in the political for a sponsored by the St. Raphael The Archangel Parish in Pili, Camarines Sur on April 29.


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