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Camarines Sur’s capital town eyed for cityhood

By Jason B. Neola

NAGA City Mayor Nelson Legacion has expressed his belief that Pili, the capital town of Camarines Sur, has the potential to become a city.

In an interview on Sunday, June 9, Legacion discussed the municipality’s prospects when asked by newsmen. He underscored the advantages that Pili will gain once it becomes a city, similar to neighboring Naga.

Melvin Machado, a broadcast journalist and former barangay kagawad of Barangay San Isidro in Pili, welcomed the idea of converting the town into a city, provided it meets the requirements for population, annual income, and land area.

“It is good for our municipality. We, the residents of Pili, need that self-determination and city status to freely develop plans based on our needs and priorities,” Machado said.

Legacion emphasized that Pili’s strategic location near Naga City makes it an attractive site for businesses and development ventures, especially as Naga City’s business sector is nearing capacity, which means business establishments in Naga are close to reaching their maximum limit in terms of the number of businesses it can accommodate or space available for new businesses.

Naga, which was adjudged the over-all Most Competitive Component City in the Philippines for years 2021, 2022, and 2023, is becoming saturated with business activities, and there may not be much room left for new enterprises to set up or expand. The situation creates an opportunity for nearby areas, like Pili, to attract businesses and development ventures.

He expressed optimism about Pili’s future as a city with a robust socio-economic environment, flourishing businesses, and new opportunities arising from partnerships with various sectors both within the region and internationally.

With speculations that Legacion may run for congressman instead of seeking a third term as Naga City mayor, he said that achieving cityhood for Pili would require legislation in Congress.

When asked if it would be possible for the town to convert into an independent component city like Naga, Legacion said that he would explore the probabilities.


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