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CamSur to issue vax card soon - Villafuerte

By Ana-liza Macatangay

Fully vaccinated individuals who were inoculated by the provincial government against Covid-19 will soon receive their official Camarines Sur vaccination cards.

In a message posted his Facebook page, Camarines Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte announced that the province will soon roll out its official vaccination card to avoid falsification as the paper-made vax card can be easily reproduced and can be simply used as a document to enter other regions or for other travel-related purposes.

We took the initiative to come up with our official vaccination card after we have received information that our existing card is only made of a piece of paper with handwritten entries so it is easy to falsify. It can easily get wet or can easily be torn tear. The official vax card will be like a credit card. It will be hard and can be placed in our wallets and cannot be easily falsified, Villafuerte said.

He added that the official CamSur vax card will contain secret inscription. It will also have a QR code that contains personal information about the vaccinee. Once scanned, the information can be easily verified thru the data base of the province.

The data base logged at the contains details about the vaccinee, the date of inoculation and administered the jab. It will also contains a control number and is certified by the governor.

The IATF issued a new directive that the vax card can be used as inter-province requirements. No need for swab, antigen or other requirements. Though it still depends on the LGUs if they have tightened their restrictions due to rise of Covid-19 cases, or similar situations, but the bearer can use their vax card at the Del Gallego border. The vax card is accepted, Villafuerte said.

The governor is also encouraging Camarinenses to register at for their jab schedule.

As of Aug. 10, the Camarines Sur provincial government has already inoculated 135,000 residents. Through its aggressive vaccination campaign, the province hopes to vaccinate its 1.3 million target population to achieve herd immunity (PIA5/Camarines Sur)


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