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Caritas Caceres Celebrates 48th Anniversary

The Caritas-Caceres is celebrating the 48th Anniversary of the Social Action Ministry in the Archdiocese on June 30, 2021 at CCDC, Cadlan, Pili, C.S.

Here are the current projects of Caritas-Caceres, among others:

OMG as the new face of the supposed 11th Bishop Francisco Gainza Trade Fair. Inspite of the pandemic crisis, Caritas Caceres continues to help the micro, small and medium enterprises. Together with Department of Trade and Industry, Caritas Caceres is braving the e-commerce playing field to build a digital farm-to-market road for small but hopeful enterpreneurs.

For details, pls visit or download d App (OMGainza) on your mobile phon

Alay Kapwa (Offering of Oneself). This flagship program is the Lenten evangelization and fundraising program of the Philippine Catholic Church. Currently, it serves as emergency fund during calamities and other major social concerns

DRR Projects. Caritas-Caceres forges partnerships with big organizations, national and international in order to capably impliment projects for Disaster Risk Reduction. Currently, such projects are being undertaken officially and systematically in the municipalities of Siruma, Tinambac and Bula. In

partnership with Bicol Consortium for Development Initiatives (BCDI), Fundacion de Religiosos para la Salud (FRS), Manos Unidas and AECID, the said projects provide capacity building seminars and trainings as well as equipments that will help mitigate disaster risks. Construction of evacuation centers in selected communities will also be a big output of the projects. A similar project has just been completed by Caritas-Caceres in the flood prone barangays of Magarao, Bombon and Calabanga.

Relief and Rehabilitation. In partnership with Caritas Internationalis, Caritas Caceres implemented various emergency, recovery and rehabilitation programs. During the time of calamities, Caritas Caceres covers the 93 parishes across 15 vicariates of the Archdiocese.

According to Fr Marcel Real, Caritas Caceres Director, “we are taking this opportunity to give due Recognition to Donors/Benefactors and Partners of Caritas-Caceres without whose support we will hardly implement our current programs, projects and initiatives”.

On June 30, 2021, at 4:00pm a program will be held at the Caritas Caceres Development Center, Cadlan Pili. There will be Awarding of Plaques of Appreciation to Parishes who have been outstanding in the Social Action ministry to their parishioners. Along with the plaque are some cash gift as token of gratitude & support for d parish ministry.

As Caritas-Caceres celebrates its 48th Annivesary within the 500th year of Christianity, it aptly shares the Caritas network’s conviction: “Doing Social Action ia doing Evangelization”. -cccom news

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