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Catholic colleges cite role vs ‘info-demic’

By Ana-liza Macatangay

Catholic Educational Association of Caceres and Libmanan (CEACAL) President Fr. Wilmer Joseph S. Tria stressed the significant role of Catholic educators in disseminating truthful information in the midst of circulating “fake news” particularly in various websites and online platforms.

Tria coined the term “info-demic” referring to the fake news circulating like wildfire in the social media being deliberately used by individuals and organizations to distort the truth and promote biased propaganda.

“As Catholic educators, we are duty-bound to form good Catholics who will live out their faith in the public square. We shall fulfill this mission with hope and vigor. We shall be at the forefront of a Catholic education that leads to an engaged citizenry, and we will begin by choosing servant leaders who follow the rule of law and exemplify the ideals of good governance,” Tria added.

In a press conference held on Feb. 21, Tria likened the “infodemic” to the Covid-19 pandemic, a virus that spread in the social media, which kills the truth and feed the young minds with false information.

“There is no editor in the social media. That is why CEACAL’s role is very important, with its 43 member-schools, to warn the youth of the dangers of the virus circulating in the social media. As an association, we can start with the students and then push for genuine information,”Tria said.

He clarified though that they will not be using the pulpit to discuss these things. He said that the pulpit is the symbol of the church’s authority and is being used to spread the readings or the words of God, reading the gospel and preaching.

CEACAL also stated that they fully support the statement of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) which calls for moral courage in the upcoming 2022 national and local elections.

“Our association, CEACAL, commits too, to uphold the values of truth, justice, democracy and integrity as it pursues its mission of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Caceres and the Diocese of Libmanan,” Tria stated.

He then call on the school communities, the faculty and staff, students and parents, their alumni and other stakeholders to join them in their crusade and realize these sacred vows.

“From a culture of death and lies, let us build a culture of life and truth. Let us walk together towards a better Philippines, whose people are committed to social transformation and embody our common cry: A good Catholic is a good citizen,” he concluded. (PIA5/Camarines Sur)


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