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Celebrating UNC’s BEST Practices

The April 2022 historic Hiyas – the Kick-Off Program set the stage and created the cornerstone for the great, grand, and glorious Diamond Jubilee of the University of Nueva Caceres come 2023. We deem it the perfect way to cap and wrap up the festive Kick-off Activity by showcasing UNC’s best practices in instruction and student wellness. As part of the ensemble of activities, the UNC community and the general public witnessed a showcase of best practices, a celebration of school spirit, and a festival of video entries by our future-ready UNCeans during the BEST Practices 2022.

Leading in Outcome-Based Education in Bicol

One of the most vital aspirations of the University of Nueva Caceres is to be the best Outcome-Based Education (OBE) University in the region. In support of this, the Outcome-Based Education - Continuous Quality Improvement (OBE-CQI) Team launched UNC’s first Best Educational Services and Transformations (BEST) Practices 2022. The different University departments demonstrated excellent teaching methods and techniques in delivering remote and blended learning instruction. Likewise, University offices exhibited remarkable programs and services in supporting the well-being and improving the delivery of delightful experiences to our stakeholders.

Inspiring Through Excellence

All the entries exemplified excellence in this event -- the UNCean way, worthy of every inch of admiration and every ounce of emulation. A stellar set of judges selected the most exemplary practices and gave significant insights to propel us to greater heights. The Assistant to the Principal of the Senior High School Department, Mr. Arvin L. Sibulo, introduced our three highly qualified judges: Mr. Mark Sy, Chief Learning Officer, APEC Schools; Mr. Ericson Dimaunahan, iPeople Champion, Key Capability (Learning Organization), Mapúa University; and Dr. Edizon Fermin, Vice President for Academic Affairs, the National Teachers College.

Another Leap Toward Being Future-ready

The Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Strategic Communications Office (AMSCO), Prof. Ruby L. Bandola, recognized and thanked all the worthy participants and presenters and gave way to launching UNC’s fresh, more user-friendly, and future-ready school website - a window and gateway into the University. The Lead of Learning and Design, Outcome-Based Education - Continuous Quality Improvement (OBE-CQI) Team, and the BEST Practices 2022 Chairperson, Mr. Ernesto R. Gurnot Jr., announced the winners. UNC’s master innovator, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Diamond Jubilee Celebration Chairperson, Dr. Romeo M. Sumayo Jr., closed the event with a message.

The Best is Coming Our Way

The gem leader for a soon-to-be Diamond University – our University President, Dr. Fay Lea Patria M. Lauraya, leads the entire UNC community in cultivating the culture of giving our best and doing our best. At UNC, we faithfully embrace that excellence belongs to God, and He deserves our best. Thus, the best way to get to the top is to get down in prayer. The best way forward is upward. The best way to get there is together. As the University of Nueva Caceres approaches its 75th Foundation Anniversary, the milestone moment of the Diamond Jubilee, the best is coming our way.


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