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Cheers for Justice!

During the time of former President Duterte, suspected drug pushers or drug lords and influential people allegedly connected to drug trafficking would be murdered. They would get ambushed, get shot in ways that would have taken our breaths in excitement in a Hollywood action suspense flick. But in this administration, strangely, their places have been taken by incumbent and former elected local officials. Mayors, vice mayors, councilors, a governor have been ambushed and shot dead in the past months, with a remarkably alarming number in just a matter of weeks apart. Initially, of course, I was distressed that officials who supposedly are surrounded with tight security could face a disappointing demise. But then, another came along; then another one and another one. Then I started to wonder if they are connected or coordinated. They could not be, could they? Local officials seem to be like domino pieces randomly tumbling down.

It’s just interesting that just a few years ago, personalities allegedly related to illicit drugs were getting gunned down. Now, it’s local officials. Back then, there was this alleged buzz that the killings of the supposed drug related personalities were carried out by some death squad authorized by a former local official who has then since elevated to national position. I suppose this recent series of deaths is not similarly carried out by a former local official who has elevated to a national position. Of course, there is certainly no such congruence. It’s interesting how tables have turned from suspected offenders to unsuspecting officials. But through these corresponding yet contrasting series of unfortunate events, what should be constant is people’s plea for justice.

Oh, but there is justice. There is justice amongst us. Cheers for the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the rape case against Vhong Navarro, who started as member of the Streetboys dance group who rose to popularity as a comedic actor and is more contemporarily known as host of a variety show which airs on a network which was cut from its franchise to operate in questionable justice. Mind you, the decision comes from the Supreme Court, over which no court is more supreme in the Philippines; (unless, Navarro’s accuser would want to take the case to the International Criminal Court, if they could). So that puts a permanent stamp over the case (just like how Hubert Webb was acquitted of involvement of the Vizconde massacre case). That means no rape was committed, making the accusers, false accusers, and Navarro could get his P 1 million bond back. How’s that for a treat? (Although, I think he’d be paying back the people from whom he borrowed the cash from.) It is such a relief that at least in one corner, reason scored a shot. The son of a high ranking government official who got entangled in a million peso worth of high grade weed, may have slipped through loopholes; at least, this time, the moves tumbled for the better. I just hope the same could happen with Eat Bulaga, former Senator de Lima, and ABS-CBN if there’s still anything that could be done for that.

Once and for all, this decision has put a stop on accusers who seemed to be hellbent to put a now proven innocent person in incarceration. I wonder what the other camp would think of next since in the past months, the supposed complainant displayed moves and maneuvers just like a Streetboy would just to achieve their end.

This got me thinking. How did all that happen? Wasn’t Navarro already acquitted? Wasn’t he the one who got beat up with his face all sore? How could some people turn the tide around and make a monster of a decided case? Navarro was then to post bail when the rape case was filed, disqualifying him from release and reinforcing his detention behind bars. It seemed that some force was monitoring his moves that when he was showing signs of passing through the blockade, massive muscle was stretched to keep him from getting through. Now, if the Supreme court has ultimately and finally put its foot down, all actions of the accusations are nullified and brought to naught. Are some people in our society, in our nation simply carry that huge amount of power that they have successfully orchestrated such opposition?

There was a buzz then that the anti -Navarro camp was chummy with people who recently got into power, which also granted them power to throw weight around. Again, that’s just some buzz.

I shudder at the thought of that which lurks in the hearts of men who conspire to torment a now proven innocent person to achieve an end which I could not fathom.

“In truth, in justice and in righteousness; Then the nations will bless themselves in Him…” Jeremiah 4:2


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