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Christmas: King of the Universe

Last Sunday was the Feast of Christ the King, yes indeed, and it marked the end of the calendar of the Liturgical year. It heralded the Final Judgment- the separation of the sheep from the ram.

When I was hungry, you fed me. This should resonate within the depth of our soul. He was asked, my Lord and my God, when did we see you famished? Our Lord Jesus Christ reminded us: the least that you do to my brethren you have done unto me.

Three Kings sought to see Him on Christmas Day. A star guided them. He was born in a humble abode- a manger. Why? He is the epitome of Humility. Humbleness personified.

He came to serve and not to be served. A genuine servant leader. He is a stark contrast with the current false ideal that is focused on power. Power that is delusional, controlling, and fleeting. Here today, then, gone tomorrow.

The clamor to hang on to the power is comical to a point. Ah, every possible way to reclaim the sometimes elusive crown is done. However, to the true and genuine it is an impossible dream. In the end, they never gave up and became heroes instead.

What happened to Our Lord Jesus? He paved the Way, the Truth, and the Life. On Earth he did not wear a bejeweled golden crown. He did wear something on His head in His death at Calvary. Remember? He wore a crown of thorns.

Why? Because Our God the Father so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, Lord Jesus, to save us from our sins. Myriad disciples followed suit. Now, we refer to them with a more modern term- heroes.

San Lorenzo Ruiz was a martyr, a hero, and a saint. Yes, my friends one of the many victories of heroes is called sainthood. Being a hero is a virtuous thing. Our Lord Jesus showed us that even if we suffer here on Earth, we enjoy the fruits of our labor as we become saints in heaven.

This Christmas we welcome the Prince of Peace. Amid the wars in the world today, He is ever present and ever true. We are reminded to pray and to fast. We must be sheep instead of goats. We will defend our life in the end of our mission. We face Divine Justice.

Countless Philosophers and Theologians have collectively, as a majority, supported the view that man is basically good. It is an inherent trait. Biblically, we were made unto the Image and Likeness of God. Thus, we are good for God is Good.

Even Scientists support this assertion. As they discovered the many wonders of the world and the universe. They found out that, indeed, the facts complement the Truth in the Bible. From the big bang theory to the laws of Physics, they wonderfully coincide with the stories in the Holy Book.

There are many noises now, especially, because the Christmas Season that began in September has snowballed into one big snowman- no pun intended. The Christmas Spirit is more pronounced as this week is the last of November.

Next week, the month of December, officially, arrives. The best things to do are reflect, receive, rebuild, and reciprocate. We reflect to pray. We receive Jesus in our life. We rebuild what is broken. And, we reciprocate the many blessings that we had been given.

In the universe the center is Jesus. He is the King of the Universe. Jesus is at the very core of Christmas. Simply put, no Christ means no Christmas. Elementary. Now, for the elevation of Our Souls- do not forget that the Advent Season starts next week too. One candle is lit each Advent Sunday until a maximum of four are lit, then, the last center candle is lit on Baby Jesus’ Birthday. The Christmas Day that falls on every 25th of December. Do not forget to hear mass!

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