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Christmas outshines virus: increasing Divinity…

I almost died a few months ago.

Not of COVID-19 but something else…

It was pitch black, drizzling, no stars, no moon, and the lamp post light was kaput. I was cycling straight ahead and suddenly, a black S.U.V. turned to its left. I pedaled to the left lane and there was an approaching vehicle and all passengers and the driver shrieked in horror.

Still I am here, writing just for you.


It is the Season of Christmas. Now, more than ever, we are closer to God all the more. He loves us dearly. He hears our prayers, wishes, hopes, and dreams. He can see the tears in His children’s eyes. The more His Divine Love increases. When we realize that we absolutely need Him: He is steadfast and merciful. Loving. Our Father.

I guess we forgot Him a little bit. We removed Him from our lives before the pandemic. We had taken Him for granted. However, He works in mysterious ways.

He used Modern Technology to unite us all. The nations worked together for a vaccine.

Hold on a little bit longer. He will deliver. Let us continue to pray.

A police officer gave away his kept fifty dollar bill to a working student who was apprehended but when the student told his excuse: The police officer told him to study hard and let him off the violation.

Sadly, many medical front line workers gave their lives on the war against the pandemic.

We pray for all the lives lost because of the illness. Across all nations all over the globe. May the loved ones left feel comfort especially at this time of the year.

They will be sorely missed.

Yet, life goes on. We continue on with our journey as pilgrims here on Earth. Soon, the pandemic will be gone.

Let us cautiously, celebrate Christmas this year. Just for this year so that by next year we would be able to celebrate the Season as usual. The way we really celebrate the birth of The Redeemer. Our Lord Jesus Christ as an infant. Fragile and meek and humble and simple. Away in a manger as the song goes…

Let the children have gifts no matter how little or inexpensive. Let us spare the children of the agony of the pandemic.

That night I almost lost my life in an accident changed the course of my life. I live my day as if it is my first and my last.

I always write that our God is not the Author of sad endings. I do believe in that with all my soul. If he is not yet done writing a grand ending then He is still working on it.

Imagine if, hypothetically, you heard from the grapevine that the writer of Inspired, this column, died of a freak accident, certainly, that would not be inspiring at all.

Someone said to me, my mission of writing is not yet over. I now believe that she is correct a 100% because as it were, the words are now flowing freely from my mind, heart, and soul- full of inspiration.

I am old. I am too old for Christmas. I am not a young boy anymore. The only gift that I want for myself is not really for me but for you and her and him and all. That despite of the despair of the disease: God’s Divinity shall still outshine its darkness.

So, celebrate. Safely. And, be truly and dearly be Merry this 2020.

May you be inspired by the Holy Spirit and God bless us all.



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