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Christmas Party 2021

Many people have long insisted that there would be a “new” normal; that the “old” normal would be discarded and we would subscribe to and embrace a different set of norms. I’ve attended some Christmas parties which on this year, is not anymore discouraged; or shall we say; this year, people could freely post pictures of the party on social media as it happens. Last year, parties were disallowed; or at least, openly publicizing it was restrained.

So, what’s new in the norms? Well, it’s pretty much the same. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without food. Attendees get to dress up. There was a raffle draw. There were some form of games in which participants are in close distance with each other. There were musical presentations in which participants were in closer distance with each other. Okay, that’s social distance being tossed out the window. (Not that I would want people to be far apart in parties. Being in close distance in social events is simply but natural.) So, what’s different. Oh, how could I have missed it? Party goers were wearing face masks which have become staple in everyday apparel for the past two years. The masks are supposed to be protection from infection in the spread of virus. But then, how does one devour the food with those masks on? Well, of course, you have to take them off so you could push the spoon inside your mouth, at the same time that people beside and in front of you at the table also take their masks off and munch some pasta or meat. How long does it take for an average person to finish up a plate filled with usual party food. ? It would take longer if one goes for another serving. In that span of time, in the proximity among seats on tables, the face masks have just been rendered useless. We might as well not have worn it in the first place. I hear that in some hotel parties, attendees totally discard the face covering.

But then, one may argue that the mask is unnecessary for people who are vaccinated. Well, so far there has not been any report of some sort of surge. So, I guess, maybe the virus has died down or vaccines really work.

Organizations or groups of friends may opt to hold their parties in restaurants inside malls. There wouldn’t be any problem with that. In such a setting, the games and presentations may be taken out. Of course, the party wouldn’t go on without food which would surely require anyone to peel off the mask from the face during the consumption of food and drinks which would consequently take longer since there wouldn’t be anything else to do. Why am I fretting about the face mask? Things seem to be okay anyway.

There should be one thing to be wary of when holding parties or get-togethers in malls. You might find yourself unable to get inside because the security guard wouldn’t let you in if you’re unable to present any vaccination card. So, how do we go about with this? Does the whole party transfer to a venue that does not require vax cards because one or some of the members haven’t got the shots. In the first place, why haven’t you gotten the injection already? Okay, I’ll stop. The Commission on Human Rights have made it clear that not getting the vaccine is a human right that no authority should mess with. I actually know a couple of people who went to the CHR when memoranda on getting the vaccine or getting tested weekly if unvaccinated was issued. The Commission actually stood behind them. So, okay let’s give them the respect that they deserve.

I’m not sure if this is part of the “new normal”, but Christmas seems to have taken a tint or shade of pink. There are “wear pink” parties, “something pink” exchange gifts, pink Christmas lights, and I don’t know what else they would think of to color pink. I have to admit that this is a rather ingenious political device. One doesn’t have to yell or print a particular slogan or flash a peculiar hand gesture to declare political affiliation. You just have to wear pink. Who would ever thought of that? After all, all the colors must have been taken already. Well, I don’t think anyone has taken purple yet. When that happens, may be future candidates would use stripes, checkered or polka dots. That would be fun. Merry Christmas.

“When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, “ - Luke 2:17


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