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Christmas: Star of Peace

Last Sunday was the Second Sunday of the Advent Season, the candle of Peace was lit. Peace on Earth. In the Gospel, it explained that John the Baptist declared that Our Lord Jesus is the Lamb of God. Saint Andrew then was helping Saint John, so, afterwards he followed Jesus upon John’s declaration. Jesus shall take away the sins of the world.

Yes, He too shall take away the wars in the world that there shall be peace. However, the question is- are you ready for it? Peace is more than just peace, it is kindness, it is truth, it is justice, and it is a myriad of other celestial virtues. Who is the culprit for the lack of Peace? Who else but humanity, right?

If we were kind to one another then there is peace. How would we explain greed and envy? Well, it is a lack of faith. A lack of faith in God. That there is Divine Providence-- that, God will provide --His grace is enough for you, for him and her, for us.

There is division, we become unkind to one another. Brother against thy brother. There is competition. Fighting for whatever agenda each may have. Then, it escalates into a war.

Remember, the story of Cain and Abel? Because Abel’s offering to God was favored, he was slain by Cain. It is a classic example of a failure to keep one’s faith. Cain became envious, not knowing that he could try again and offer his best at another opportunity.

When the two opposing entities grow in number; from one person to another, one village to another, one community to another, one country to another, and ultimately, a world at war. Peace is gone.

Victims oftentimes cry out for justice. The many injustices that we see in the world today are the signs of the times. But, these have been going on since time immemorial. Historical lessons are perhaps not learned?

Yes, World War I and II, the Seven-Year-War, etc. fill the History Books with an account of the many misunderstandings, unkindness, injustices, among humanity. Is there a better way?

Of course, there is. It is Jesus’ Way. He is the Truth. When there is truth there is peace. There are sufferings in the world today. Natural calamities and man-made calamities.

It is enigmatic that whenever the world face natural calamity; be it an earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado, a typhoon, a volcanic eruption-- the whole world comes together in unity to help one another in the spirit of friendship and humanity.

Man-made calamities? They are troubles we brought upon ourselves. Why? The truth is we were responsible for them in the first place. It becomes all the more complicated and problematic.

There is a tale about a man who asked the Lord, how come, he ended up in the hospital. Well, do you remember that your alarm clock did not sound off? Do you remember that there was no water that came out of the shower? How about the flat tire?

And, He continued. Do you remember the phone call from your wife? Or when you were caught up in heavy traffic? Well, eventually, that accident happened at the corner near your office? The man replied a resounding, “Yes!” to all of them

Our Lord told him. My son, you have to know that like a traffic light, red light means stop. If only you took that call from your wife then that would have spared you from the accident and the other preventive measures too. The man heaved a sigh of relief and said, “But still I ended up here in the hospital.” Then, Our Lord Jesus smiled at him. Precisely, it could have been much worse, but you are still here on Earth, Trust in Me. You leave the hospital tomorrow. Miraculously, he felt a solemn and serene peace of mind.


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