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Church to voyadores: Let us have safe and solemn processions!

By Myrna Bermudo

“The Call of the Archdiocese of Caceres is for safe and solemn conduct of processions, especially both for the Traslacion and Fluvial. We appeal “Traslacion Husayon, Prusisyon Pa-Solemnihon, “ said Fr. Juan Pablo Z. Carpio, the Vice Rector of the Peñafrancia Basilica Minore.

On September 7, in a video message released through the social media account of Peñafrancia Basilica Minore, Caceres Archbishop Rolando J. Tria Tirona, OCD called on the devotees: “let us not allow mockery of the processions. Let us not allow this to happen again. Now is the time to make an orderly the traslacion and make solemn our processions.”

When asked on the response of the voyadores to this call, he explained: “The members of the Cofradia De San Jose (CDSJ) are positively responsive, in fact, they are spearheading this campaign. There may be dissension since only a couple hundred may be able to bring the Andas, but they have addressed this by giving others specific but very important roles to keep the Processions safe and solemn.”

For two years and a half of pandemic rules on low key celebrations, LGU Naga and the local Church of the Archdiocese of Caceres agreed to proceed with the usual celebration and to allow foot processions.

Engr. William Menes, the Archdiocesan President and Formation Head of the Cofradia De San Jose, revealed that “majority of the members of Cofradia de San Jose are willing to cooperate with the directive of the Archdiocese. We want also to make our celebration solemn particularly Traslacion and Fluvial processions.”

Cofradia De San Jose is a brotherhood in honor of St. Joseph. It is named after the Husband of Mary, Joseph, who took care of Mary and her Son, Jesus.

“The members of the CDSJ are given the privilege and the mandate to spread and protect the devotion to INA, Our Lady of Peñafrancia. To explain to others the meaning of authentic devotion. We were also given the honor to care and protect the images of INA and the Divino Rostro during the processions, “ said Engr. Menes.

Members of the Cofradia vowed not to drink alcoholic drinks before the procession. Engr. Menes and the CDSJ team conducted Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS), a formation program for voyadores this year. To become a member of the Cofradia, one has to attend the LSS seminar.

These were the LSS Formations of CDSJ conducted in the Archdiocese of Caceres in preparation for the 2022 Peñafrancia Fiesta : 1. June 3, General Assembly- Basilica Minore; 2. June 24, 6pm- Refresher of Old members of Cofradia, Immaculate Conception Parish, Naga City; 3. June 26, 8am - LSS In Immaculate Conception Parish, Naga City; 4. July 10, 8am - LSS, Immaculate Conception Parish, Naga City; 5. July 17, LSS- Airforce Reservists; 6. July 31, LSS- Ragay, Camarines Sur; 7. Aug 6, LSS San Rafael Parish, Pili; 8. Aug 7, LSS Holy Cross Parish, Tabuco; 9. Aug 12, Fri, LSS Saint Andrew Parish, Sangay; 10. Aug 13, Refresher and Orientation, Moriones Ocampo; 11. Aug 19, LSS Saint Anthony Parish, Bical, Caramoan; 12. Aug 20, LSS Manguiring, Calabanga; 13. Aug 21, LSS San Jose Parish, San Jose; 14. Aug 21, LSS Buhi; 15. Sept 03, LSS Bombon; 16. Sept 03, Pakikipagtipan ki INA, Basilica; 17. LSS, Nabua, Holy Cross; 18. Sept 04, LSS ICP and Central Vicariate; 18. Sept 04, Orientaion, Milaor, and other Parishes (Diocese of Libmanan); 19. Sept 05, Orientation, Christ the King, Palestina, Pili; 20. Sept 7, LSS Phil Army 9th ID.


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