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City Health Office registers 84 donors in blood drive

By Jason B. Neola

The city government of Naga through its City Health Office (CHO) has recorded some 84 donors in its bloodletting activity last Friday, Jan. 29. The blood drive was conducted to augment the city’s blood stock at the Bicol Medical Center (BMC).

Dr. Diana Sarah Donacao, a BMC medical officer, who served as blood donor screening officer, said the donors were carefully examined first to determine if they are qualified to donate blood.

“A would-be donor should be at least not less than 50 kilograms whose age ranges from 18 to 65 years old and has a clean bill of health. His/her blood pressure must not below 90/60 or beyond 160/100,” Donacao said.

BLOODLETTING. Naga City Hall employees led an some 84 individuals who donated blood during the conduct of the blood donation drive organized by the City Health Office and Bicol Medical Center.

Aside from determining their vital signs, the donors were also required to undergo test for hemoglobin count to find out whether they are anemic. Blood donors who have fever or coughs and colds were not permitted to donate. Tattooed donors were also disqualified unless they had their tattoos 12 months before their scheduled blood donation.

Ma. Grace Guevara, medical technologist and program director of the Naga City Blood Council, said that they are strict in the screening process to be able to identify the qualified donors who would help them to collect blood of good quality.

Guevara encouraged qualified donors to donate blood once or twice a year. She said that health benefits of donating blood include good health and reduced risk of cancer and hemochromatosis. It helps in reducing the risk of damage to liver and pancreas. It also helps in improving cardiovascular health and reducing obesity.

Donacao said that giving blood would help one to stimulates his/her own bone marrow to produce new and young blood cells.

Guevara said that they are hoping that by June or May, this year, the CHO would be able to conduct again another blood collection in time for the celebration of the city’s charter anniversary.

She said she is elated by the remarkable number of those who donated blood.


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