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City parish conducts feeding program

By Myrna S. Bermudo

San Francisco Parish, at the heart of the commercial district of Naga, has resumed its feeding program that started in February 2021.

By gathering children and parents, the parish aims to give catechesis and further formations.

“By imitating St. Francis of Assisi, we aim that the barangay residents would feel the presence of the ‘Church’ in their midst and in their concert life situation,” explains Fr. Wilfred Almoneda, parish priest of San Francisco parish. “It is also a strategy to organize basic ecclesial communities or BEC.”

The barangay halls of San Francisco and Tinago as well as the chapel of Dayangdang are the venues where children, youth and some parents congregate.

To facilitate catechesis, they are gathered in different groupings according to grade levels. The priests, together with parish volunteer catechists conduct catechesis. By doing this, the parish aims to feed the soul of its parishioners through evangelization.

The feeding program is done every week in the following venues: every 2nd Saturday at barangay San Francisco, 3rd Saturday at barangay Tinago and 4th Saturfday at Dayangdang chapel.


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