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City vet puts to sleep 365 dogs

By Paulo DS. Papa

NAGA CITY--- Some 365 stray dogs mostly “asong pinoy” or “aspin” impounded this year by the City Veterinary Office (CVO) at the Naga City Nursery in Barangay Carolina here were put to sleep, Naga’s CVO chief said.

Dr. Junios Elad, Jr., said that for 2020 the CVO caught and impounded total of 591 stray dogs from the city’s 27 villages in connection with its anti-rabies drive.

This year’s total canine haul of 591 stray dogs is lower than the 1,000 dogs captured by CVO personnel in 2019.

The 365 dogs terminated this year is also lower than the 700 dogs that suffered the same fate in 2019.

According to Elad, CVO’s manner of dog termination is through the injection of anesthesia and cyanide as this is the most humane way of putting dogs to sleep.

The 2020 CVO’s accomplishment report for rabies control and eradication program shows 55 dog adoptions; 203 dogs reclaimed by owners; and 48 dogs surrendered.

Based on CVO’s 2019 record, only 25 percent of impounded dogs were adopted and released.

Elad said the elimination of impounded but unclaimed dogs is resorted to due to lack of funds for the animal’s welfare.

There is no budgets for food and basic care of impounded yet disowned or unclaimed dogs for 2019 and 2020.

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