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City vet urges 6 months ban on hog restocking

By Paulo DS. Papa

The Naga City Veterinary Office (NCVO) has prohibited hog raisers whose pigpens are located at the ground zero from hog restocking for a period of six months from the time a case of African Swine Fever (ASF) is reported.

Dr. Junios Elad Jr., NCVO chief, said that based from the guidelines of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), hog raisers who have pigpens in ASF affected areas should wait up to six months before restocking.

He said disinfection and passive monitoring is implemented in ASF ground zero places where sentinel pigs provided by their office will be placed and observed.

He said that if the sentinel pig lives well and is healthy, hog raisers should wait for another period of time before repopulating their pigpens.

Recently, five hogs in Barangay Concepcion Grande were tested positive for ASF. They were subsequently culled.

Elad said that as a result of ASF cases, the price of pork in the city ranges from P280-P290 per kilo at present compared to P220-P230 per kilo before the occurrence of ASF.

He said the average number of pigs slaughtered at the Naga City Abattoir also decreased to 120 from 220 daily prior to ASF and Covid-19 pandemic.

Elad said that pork supply in the ciy is expected to normalize within two years.


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