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City veterinary to eliminate problems on stray dogs

By Cyryl L. Montales

LEGAZPI CITY --- Legazpi City Veterinary Office is set to implement the Barangay Responsible Owners of Dog (BROD) Program, City Veterinarian Dr. Emmanuel Estipona declared on Feb. 9, Thursday.

BROD aims to promote responsible pet ownership for the effective implementation of rabies prevention and control programs.

Estipona noted that the said program has been approved and he expects it to be implemented in March this year.

Due to a recent stray dog attack that reportedly injured 11 people in the first week of February that needs for an immediate action, Estipona urges the public to be responsible pet owners.

‘’Responsible ownership is what I can see as a solution to the problems in stray dogs and rabies,’’ Estipona said.

Estipona said he personally handled the recent case of stray dog attack, particularly the 11 individuals that have been injured. They were provided with referral discounts and shots of anti-rabies vaccine.

Estipona highlighted that there will be no cases of dog bites and a ‘rabies free’ status unless the owners are responsible enough. “Dogs are innocent victims of your negligence. You are also victimizing the community. Be responsible,” he said.

STRAY DOGS CONCERN. The City Veterinarian Dr. Emmanuel Estipona announced that they will be implementing Barangay Responsible Owners of Dog (BROD) Program to illiminate the problems faced in the streets of the public about stray dogs with rabies. (Photo courtesy of Dianna Rose Badong)

He announced that Legazpi alone has 15,000 dog owners yet the responsible owners do not even reach half, he imparted. “As an implementer, we can see the seriousness of this problem in Legazpi City. I call it the stray dog menace,” Estipona said.

According to him, Legazpi has the most excessive campaign for stray dogs and always conducts regular stray dog catching. ‘’We have impounded dogs but we don’t have shelter yet. Therefore the dogs undergo euthanasia after three days without being recovered by their owners,’’ Estipona said.

Legazpi were pushing an urgent implementation of the BROD Program so that the number of stray dogs that were put to sleep can be minimized, or prevented. “I am supposed to save dogs’ lives, but because of this urgency, we catch stray dogs to keep the streets or the public safe from the danger brought by stray dogs with rabies,” Estipona emphasized.

Citation tickets will be given to violators with corresponding fines ranging to P3,000 to 5,000.

‘’We will not just rely on catching stray dogs we will also penalize those irresponsible owners.’’ Estipona said. (With reports from Dianna Rose R. Badong and Clarisse E. Gabriel, BU Intern–PIA5/Albay)


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