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'Clarify details of Taylor Swift exclusive concert'

By Christine Villafuerte

ALBAY 2nd District Representative Joey Salceda expressed concerns over the exclusive nature of Singapore's agreement with Taylor Swift for the Eras Tour, restricting performances to Singapore and excluding other Southeast Asian countries in early March.

In an interview, Salceda mentioned that the Singapore government allegedly granted 3 million USD to AEG, with the condition that the concert only takes place in Singapore.

This exclusivity is expected to bring economic benefits to Singapore, estimated at $60 million, but at the expense of neighboring countries missing out on similar advantages.

Salceda argued that this move contradicts ASEAN principles, emphasizing the need to officially register opposition and highlighting the importance of consensus-based relations and solidarity within the ASEAN framework.

Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, defended the agreement, stating it wasn't unfriendly, emphasizing the success of the arrangement.

The Singapore government has not commented on the exclusivity deal.

The Eras Tour, scheduled for six sold-out shows at Singapore's National Stadium from March 2-9, is anticipated to attract around 300,000 Swifties, contributing to tourism and local business revenue.

VIP tickets are priced at S$1,228 ($913.55) or P68,777.


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