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ComCen: A Fundamental Element to MNWD’s Operations and Services

ComCen’s Telephone and Radio Operators are always on standby and ready to answer to incoming water-related concerns, 24/7.

Water-related issues happen almost every day, and when these do, consumers are bound to report such to their respective water districts. The Metropolitan Naga Water District (MNWD) receives several of these water-related reports from a number of its consumers within the coverage area. The question is, how does the District respond to these daily reported concerns?

In order to cater to these issues and demands, MNWD responds through its Communication Center (ComCen) operating 24/7 manned by our Telephone and Radio operators. All customer reports through phone and social media account are received and responded upon by the said unit including internal communication reports from our pumping stations. These reports are then forwarded to the concerned divisions for corresponding course of action.

For the past years since it was established in 2016, ComCen has responded to numerous reports such as broken pipes, dirty water, leakage or concerns with water pressure and water supply which were directed to various offices of the Operations and Technical Services Group and Administrative and Finance Group.

For water-related issues and concerns, MNWD may be reached at their hotline numbers and through the MNWD FB Page.

Year 2020 was definitely a challenging period for MNWD’s operation. When most were forced at standstill, MNWD was able to continuously serve its customers through the ComCen. Our communication lines remained active since the enhanced community quarantine up to this day. Despite the pandemic, MNWD was able to respond to thousands of concerns and efficiently mobilize its workforce to ensure uninterrupted water supply within its service coverage area.

Other than our hotline numbers, MNWD also responds to concerns sent through social media or the MNWD’s Facebook page. Since our way of communicating becomes more digital every day, the District regards social media as an effective channel to receive customer feedback and concerns especially during the quarantine period.

The MNWD ComCen plays a big role in mitigating water-related issues experienced by our consumers at the same time in providing quality service. It is a part of our relentless commitment to provide fast and technologically suitable water services to the communities we serve. And one way to achieve that is by reaching out to the public through various communication platforms. (YMMSavilla)


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