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Complaining about Campaigning

“Pandemya muna bago eleksyon.” I heard this from Sen. Manny Pacquiao over the television; and he said it with obvious intentional emphasis. I guess, one could say, he even sounded annoyed when he expressed the remark. It seemed that some party is tossing the boxing champion senator to run for president come 2022.

Would government officials really prepare for elections at this point in time? Come on; would they really do that? May be they would not. Maybe government officials would not use the resources of the government units with the intention to solicit support for suffrage. Maybe mayors would not stack up rice and foodstuffs for distribution to the barangay folk with the purpose of campaigning. Oh no. they would not do that. Maybe government officials would not schedule office hours on weekdays to visit barangays for such distribution. Certainly, they would not assign government employees to exercise their office hours for civil service and practice of mandate to hop houses to dole out food packs. Of course, they would not do that because that only happens after calamities or … well, during campaign period. Of course, campaign period is too far off from now. Definitely local government heads would not lace their standard operational speeches in government functions and meetings with repetitive reports of accomplishments and promises of future projects, topped off with a slogan. Oh no, they would not do that.

If our dear elected executives and their appointed officials do such things, they would rob the public of the services that they so rightly deserve because the manpower who should be receiving them in the offices would not be present on their posts to perform their duties. What would happen then if citizens would visit a certain office in the purpose of accessing services which he/she would not be able to avail of because public servants are out to serve in some other way that is different from their designated duties, and separate from what the community needs them to do. Who would receive a supplicant when the staff is out? A door with a sign that says, “CLOSED”. Maybe he/she would think they’re working from home. Then what service would be delivered?

Government resources which after all are of the state and of and for the people, would be misused for functions which are not according to their design and mandate. What then would happen to the able body of such a governing body? Maybe some parts would cease to perform their intended roles. Maybe one hand which should be used to handle assistance for those who need it, would not be able to do so because it would be too busy in taking its whole time handing out goods for promotion of popularity. Such practice may be argued bears justice in itself, but body parts have their designated roles to play and one or some functions are neglected, debilitation develops. What I’m trying to say is (in case I haven’t gotten the point across) some important services would be alarmingly neglected for the sake of misdirected ends.

I guess power does corrupt. Perhaps, those who have been entrusted with power have become preoccupied with ensuring that power persists in possession over the practice of that power for the pure progress of the public. Should not descendants carry on the torch that was ignited by their ancestors? But I guess when one holds the torch for himself, he would want to brandish the flame and make a name for himself, and do the run in his own style. We have seen this scene play out so many times; and it is sad that we have to see it again right before our eyes one more time.

Should we expect a solution to come in the form of a sudden realignment of the functions to how they should be? Such an aspiration like the total eradication of the Corona virus in the nation or the submission of the populace to strict health protocols may be wishful thinking, and posted at a point that is of considerable distance from reality. But if services and its accompanying regularities are being left by the wayside, it would only be wise and just to campaign for leaders who would be faithful stewards of these noble services and would deliver them in a high sense of integrity. I for one, would mourn to see a dynasty end. It may be probable since it has shown its first crack after a long 30 years. Maybe an expression from the public of distrust and disgust would make them to get their act right. Well, maybe. The resolution rests on the next year’s results.

“Therefore let him who thinks he stands be careful that he doesn’t fall.”

I Corinthians 10:12

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