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Crush the Cockroaches

A couple of months ago, I had this persistent problem in our rest room. At first, I smelled that there was something wrong. There was something off. It didn’t smell terribly bad. But it gave off a rather disturbing odor that would not deny that there was something that needed to be taken care of in that area. I thought it must have been the ceiling which could have been soaked with water that trickled through the seams of G.I. sheets on the roof. I had a hunch that it smelled like cockroaches. I didn’t know what gave me that idea. I did not have some extensive experience with those crawling creatures. I did spot one or two on the sink. I had someone look at it and he brought back a report that disgusted me beyond my gut’s expectations. I was told that those filthy fiends have made hatching hole of our sink. There were some ten of them there who have been since terminated, and there were a considerable number of eggs waiting to hatch havoc to my hearth. I swallowed to clear my throat in the thought that I would habitually put my coffee mug on that very sink while I did my business.

This got me thinking. If one of these creatures is a cockroach, then it would simply and logically follow that its father is similarly a cockroach. Would it not be right? That is simply logic, is it not? A cockroach is an offspring of a bigger cockroach. If “the way that cockroaches malinger and wreak havoc on our society “ should be put to an end, ”, it would follow that its father’s ways should b put to an end. Because being a cockroach, it also malingers and wreaks havoc on our society. Probably, it does so in an even bigger way, because he’s the daddy cockroach who has done a greater number of cockroach ways long before the offspring cockroach even hatched from its egg. Now, that makes me even wonder some more, if the offspring is a cockroach, his daddy is a cockroach, would not his siblings be similarly cockroaches? Is not that how life is?

I sprayed and sprayed on that sink. A couple of roaches would still manage to find their way to crawl around. It took some time for us to figure out that the company were camping on the loofa. My sister immediately took it out. I would have burned it in utter disgust.

Didn’t he made malicious remarks on involvement on illegal drugs of the family of a particular presidential candidate opposite his bet on the last elections? His accusations were just those – accusations, without documentary basis. Now, we have a big drug violation which is fully documented, undeniably caught on record. These are not merely baseless accusations. They’re all plastered on TV. I believe there’s a term for that. Oh, I think they call it karma.

I think there’s a fallacy thrown around there. I just can’t put it. I think that’s a red herring or something. Resignation is being called for not because the father is guilty of the son’s crime. Rather, resignation is an establishment of trust in the process by setting a clear distance from the institution that is charged to deliver justice on criminal violations. That’s the reason why former President Duterte withheld himself from endorsing a presidential candidate, to avoid running the risk of contradicting himself. That’s the reason why former Sen. Grace Poe refused to run for vice president, to avoid going against close friends. That’s the reason why in the personal data sheet, government employees are asked to declare relationship by consanguinity or affinity to the appointing or recommending authority or to the person who would have immediate supervision over the concerned office. That’s the reason why the family of organizers or judges of a contest don’t join that same contest. That’s the reason why Hitler’s family and descendants changed their last names.

No One’s saying he or any of the family is guilty. Disconnection from the office would establish public trust by cutting threats of doubt of influence or manipulation. But then his allies are all out misleading public opinion and gathering sympathy by flimsy logic with the dramatic argument of lack of guilt. Naturally, the gullible populace will be swayed in compassion that the person in question really is not guilty. But no one is saying he’s guilty. It’s called delicadeza.

But what am I whining about? Some head of state in some country still had the audacity to run for the highest position despite history judging his father of dictatorship and kleptocracy, and a number of the people in that country actually voted for him. So, these events are merely reflections from the higher-up.

““So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…” Matthew 7:12


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