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Culminating Activity: Business Matter

By Nerie B. Respeto

Tomas Avila Andaya Sr. National High School (TAASNHS) held One-Day Culminating Activity dubbed “Business Matter” last April 25, 2024 at TAASNHS Covered Court, Amomokpok, Ragay, Camarines Sur.

This activity aimed to empower students to have a first-hand experience to manage and operate a business, enhance the entrepreneurial character traits and skills, value the subject matter and put into practice the theories learned from the different business subjects specially in Entrepreneurship. Lastly, to motivate students to venture into business.

Said activity was initiated by Entrepreneurship Adviser and Proponent, Ms. Nerie B. Respeto with the guidance and untiring support from our beloved School Head, Mrs. Priscilla A. Martinez, Ph.D alongside with the assistance of the Technical Working Group-Teachers and student members.

Business Matter was participated by One Hundred Thirty-Eight (138) young student entrepreneurs from 12- General Academic Strand (GAS), sections Miya, Freya and Tigreal. A total of Twenty-Six (26) Stalls/Kiosks and Twenty-Six (26) unique and/or innovative products has been offered to its target market. Overwhelming support from families, relatives, friends, alumni, visitors and TAASNHS Community was very evident as they personally visit the stalls/kiosk and patronize the products being offered.

Welcome message was given by Mrs. Melinda B. Vargas, TLE-TVL Department Head Teacher. Inspirational message was delivered by Business Counselor Angelica M. Lomenario. Assessment of kiosks/stalls and innovative products by the Evaluation Committee and actual selling of produced products were done simultaneously. Products are sold out earlier than expected which also resulted to high turn-out profit ranging from thirty-five to forty percent (35-40%).

Innovative Product of the Year- Cocolights

Leader: Carpo, Lona Jane

Members: Dupalco, Ma. Judith; Godoy, Melisa; Notario, Arian Jay; and Pruta, Karen

Cocolights offers high-quality and healthy snacks- buko delights. It is a delectable traditional buko pie with a delightful twist. Its primary ingredients are fresh coconut meat, mixed with a luscious blend of cheese, sugar, milk and sweet beverages, all enveloped in a flaky, buttery crust. It offers a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Best Stall/Kiosk of the Year- Banana Corndog

Leader: Lomenario, Andrei

Members: Estabello, Marry Joy; Tanjer, Trojan Lee; Aureus, Ken; Neri, Geraldine; and Naron, Jessa Mae

Banana Corndog built a nature-inspired stall/kiosk. It was made up from light materials- bamboo, wood and nipa combined with furniture (table and chair) made of bamboo, plants, and a relaxing ambiance which were enjoyed by the customers. Video advertisement made by the group was played alongside with numerous marketing paraphernalia and marketing techniques and strategies during the assessment and actual product selling.

Best in Business Plan- Feeling Balls

Leader: Loremia, Berolin

Members: Albonial, Nica Laiza; Alzona, Izea Kyle; Almario, Mark Jemel; Claro, Jushfil Jones; and Matimat, Airon

Feeling balls produced a truly exemptional Business Plan as it captures highly detailed information on all aspects of the business, as well as how the company will be run and how to attain business longevity. It also adheres Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound (SMART) concept.

Best Implementer of the Year- Cocolights

Leader: Carpo, Lona Jane

Members: Duplaco, Ma. Judith; Godoy, Melisa; Notario, Arian Jay; and Pruta, Karen

Cocolights garnered the highest combined score from innovative product of the year, best business plan of the year and best stall/kiosk of the year, with an accumulated point of Ninety-Six Percent (96%). Hence, considered as Top 1 and hailed as Best Implementer of the Year.


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