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DA: White oyster mushrooms delicious alternative for meat

By Paulo DS. Papa

THE Department of Agriculture (DA) in Bicol has introduced and urged Bicolanos to try the white oyster mushrooms as a delicious and nutritious alternative for meat while the shortage in pork products and high prices of beef and chicken continue to prevail in the market.

Peter Oliver, DA’s regional focal person on mushroom cultivation in Bicol, said that the white oyster mushroom, locally known as “pamaypay” is nutritious and a rich source of protein.

MEAT ALTERNATIVE. The Department of Agriculture says the white oyster mushroom is a delicious meat alternative especially this time of pork shortage due to African Swine Fever.

He said mushroom production will lessen the chance of food shortage as the crop can be grown even in urban areas.

The DA turned over mushroom planting materials to five farmers’ associations in Naga city on Mar. 17.

Dr. Mary Grace Rodriguez, DA’s High Valued Crops Development Program coordinator, said mushrooms grown through urban gardening is an alternative source of food in case of food shortage.

The DA assistance given to the five farmers’ associations includes a greenhouse costing P3.6 million funded under the Bayanihan II.

The beneficiaries are members of the city’s Organic Farmers Association, Urban Poor, and farmers’ groups of barangays Concepcion Pequeña, Pacol, and Panicuason, who were severely affected by the series of typhoon last year.


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