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Daragueños to receive livelihood packages from 'Arangkada Banwa'

By Cyryl L. Montales

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Daraga will provide various livelihood packages through the Arangkada Banwa Livelihood Project as disclosed by Daraga Public Information Officer (PIO) Honeybeth M. Sullivan in an interview on Wednesday, February 8.

The livelihood project will have a sectoral approach, prioritizing the marginalized sectors including solo parents, women, persons with disabilities (PWDs), empowered and re-affirmation of parental abilities (ERPAT), parents of street children and farmers.

“What we expect out of this is additional income for them. We’re just there to monitor so we know if the implementation is going fine. But overall, the goal is to give them additional income as a form of help, especially nowadays,” according to Sullivan.

Starting with the dispersal of free range chickens from December 2022 to January 2023, other livelihood packages are in-line such as piglets and cows for farmers, bigasan and sari-sari stores for senior citizens, and so on.

The first activity of the project has so far benefited 150 individuals from different barangays of Daraga, through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) and Municipal Agricultural Services Office (MASO).

“We don’t have a target number of beneficiaries since there are many upcoming projects and many people are also in need,” said Sullivan.

Selected Daraga residents receives free range chickens from LGU Daraga under Arangkada Banwa Livelihood Project on January 9, 2023 at Daraga Covered Court. (Photo courtesy of Daraga PIO)

The implementing offices starts with identification of qualified recipients of the livelihood package.

According to Sullivan, Daraga Mayor Awin Baldo already ordered the finalization of the list of beneficiaries for a more organized sectoral approach, adding that the recipients of the chickens are from mixed sectors since the project is just starting and yet to be polished.

After identification, beneficiaries were required to attend seminars and trainings regarding their new livelihood package, such as how to properly raise free range chickens.

The MASO is in charge of the progress monitoring of the chicken beneficiaries, and according to Sullivan, things are looking good so far.

She also recognized the need to strengthen the identification and monitoring processes of the project for further convenience.

“Many people are looking forward to being given additional income and livelihood. They know it’s a big help, so we got a very positive response from the beneficiaries. Especially since the Mayor assured them that there’s more to come. We are very hopeful for the continuation of this project,” said Sullivan.

Under the general advocacy of Mayor Baldo “Arangkada Banwa,” which means “to move forward,” livelihood is a priority along with health and social services.

For this advocacy, the frontline departments are the MSWDO, Rural Health Unit (RHU), Municipal Health Office (MHO), and MASO.

“Arangkada programs are meant to uplift the lives of Daragueños, especially the marginalized sectors,” added Sullivan. (With reports from Ann Jubelle F. De Vera–PIA5/Albay)


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