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Demanding real action for wasteless world

(The Bicol Mail supports Plastic Bank’s advocacy for plastic-free earth, thus we echo this call – editor)

ARE businesses prioritizing the regeneration of our planet? Recent findings from What Impact’s white paper reveal a concerning trend: 57% of sustainability professionals encounter significant hurdles, mainly due to a lack of budget and organizational interest. With 17% struggling against indifference to social value and 40% constrained by financial limitations, it’s evident that the commitment of some organizations to environmental and social initiatives is more superficial than substantial.

We need a paradigm shift where social value isn’t just a checkbox but a core element of business strategy, offering real benefits for both communities and our planet. However, this isn’t solely a challenge for sustainability professionals; it’s a call to action for consumers worldwide.

Your decisions as a consumer wield immense power to affect change. Each purchase is a vote for the world you wish to live in. By supporting companies that genuinely prioritize the health of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants, you contribute to meaningful progress.

We rely on you for choosing brands that are authentically making an environmental and social impact, moving beyond simple declarations to efforts that help regenerate a wasteless, equitable world.

The time is now for businesses to choose action over apprehension – for our planet, our communities, and the future we’re building for the next generations.


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