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Digong’s former tourism secretary enjoys delicious kinalas

By Paulo DS. Papa

FORMER Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, deputy director of the regional operations and advocacy sector of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas confirmed that Bicol’s pride and popular noodle soup dish kinalas is indeed delicious. The delicacy was tagged as a worst-rated dish by the Taste Atlas.

It should be recalled that on February 4, this year, a national television network ran a news article in its website citing the online compendium Taste Atlas encyclopedia of its latest and trending list of the World’s 100 worst-rated dishes. Kinalas was listed 17th with 2.4 rating.

Puyat in her speech during the launching ceremony of the Paleng-QR PH in Naga City last February 10 said that kinalas, as she tasted it, is delicious, especially when it is matched with the putong bagas and toasted siopao.

James Anthony Delos Santos, 26, a second year college student, taking education course in Ateneo de Naga University and also from Naga City said that kinalas remains the best for his taste despite the trendy Taste Atlas list.

He believed that some evaluators from the Taste Atlas came here and maybe felt disgusted over the sauce called sarsa (gravy), which makes kinalas its distinct and rich taste.

The student said, the sarsa which makes kinalas as it is, is made of hard boiled pork or liver or beef brains mixed with sautéed locally produced spices.

The sarsa is usually mixed in the noodle soup topped with the meat sliced out from boiled cow or swine’s head. Other ingredients like chicharon, boiled egg, onion springs, fried garlic, chili and fish sauce is also added based on the costumers’ desired taste.

Aside from the toasted siopao, kinalas, a famous Bicolano snack or meryenda is believed to be a noodle soup dish originated in Naga City.

KINALAS, a favorite delicacy among the Nagueños, is said to be better if partnered with other snacks like turon as seen in this photo. Photo courtesy of Naga City Government FB page


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