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DOH lauds Legazpi for fast vax program

By Cet Dematera

The Legazpi City government has been recognized by the Department of Health (DOH) as one of the fastest and effective local government units (LGU) in the country in terms of its vaccination program against Covid-19 pandemic, Mayor Noel E. Rosal said recently.

Rosal said that 100,338 or 48 percent of the city’s 209,000 total population were already fully vaccinated.

“Meaning we only need to vaccinate 22 percent of our population to get our target of 70 percent herd immunity by December”, Rosal explained.

He said that the 18 years old and above would be the next target of the city’s on-going vaccination program.

“We have to prioritize the 18 years and above because they are the ones who are always getting out of their houses, Rosal added.

He said that he is just waiting for the clearance from the (DOH) to vaccinate the 12 years- to 17 years old.

He said that the city government is now set to vaccinate even those who are not residents of the city as long as they are working within the city.

“We need to vaccinate even non-Legazpi residents with employment inside our city to ensure that they would not become potential spreaders of the Covid-19 virus, Rosal pointed out.

The DOH Bicol has been consistently commending LGU Legazpi for its relentless efforts to hit the target herd immunity of at least 70 percent of the city’s total population.


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