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DOLE holds online job, business, livelihood fairs

By Cet Dematera

The first simultaneous mega job, business and livelihood fairs conducted online across Bicol from Apr. 30 to May 2 were a success, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Bicol announced on Monday, May 3.

Johana Vi Gasga, DOLE-Bicol spokesperson, said that aside from the successful interactions among the job-seekers and their prospective employers, the business and livelihood activities carried out via online platforms reaped positive results, particularly the massive buying sorties worth hundreds of thousands of pesos in gross sales.

“As of this time, we are still waiting for the financial reports as to how much sales were recorded through the online transactions. But it was really a phenomenal selling event where the items showcased online immediately found buyers coming from the different parts of Bicol,” Gasga told Bicol Mail.

Gasga said DOLE-Bicol was overwhelmed by the positive response to their invitation to the online fairs by the job-seekers, employers and businessmen that resulted to the overall success of the online events.

Gasga believed that the positive response could be attributed to the trust that the online job, business and livelihood fairs participants put to their office.

“In fact, the items we showcased in the livelihood fair immediately found buyers. And these buyers were redirected to the respective websites of the item sellers. This happened maybe because our website is still very popular because of its latest cash assistance programs TUPAD and CAMP”, Gasga explained.

Gasga said over 100,000 people have been accessing their website that, she said, could have contributed to the massive exposure of the online displayed items for sale.

“The items that included furniture sets, and other house and office wares, among others, sold like hot cake during the three-day online fairs,” Gasga added.

She also said that the posting at the DOLE-Bicol website and other online platforms could have had legitimized these activities and transactions.

“Of course this is true because DOLE-Bicol did not allow any entity to join the online fairs until they could present proofs that they are legitimate,” Gasga said.


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