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Drug pusher slain in police ops

By Mar S. Arguelles

An alleged notorious drug peddler was killed on Monday night (Feb. 8) in a shootout with police operatives serving a search warrant at his residence in Buhi town in Camarines Sur, a police report said.

Major Maria Luisa Calubaquib has identified the victim as Aquilles Lloria Jr., 45, considered as a High-Value Target (HVT) drug peddler of Barangay Tambo.

Police operatives were about to serve a search warrant, when the suspect drew his firearms and fire at the police, prompting the latter to strike back.

The suspect sustained gunshot wounds and died while being brought to the Buhi Community Hospital.

Recovered from the crime scene were two small and a large sachet containing suspect shabu (crystal meth), a .38 caliber revolver, two misfired cartridge, and four live bullets.


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