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DTI’s Feria de Camarines features local processed food

By Paulo DS. Papa

As part of its goal to promote the products of the local food processing industry, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Camarines Sur again opens the opportunity for them to showcase and sell their products thru the Feria de Camarines.

By way of the Feria, the DTI’s marketing brand, the government agency was able to extend assistance to the industry by way of organizing the trade fair which is for the small and medium enterprises.

Jay Percival Ablan, DTI Camarines Sur head, said that the trade fair, which will start on April 19 and will last until April 23, this year, at Robinsons Place Naga, is intended to promote the local processed food. He said that about 67 food processors in the province are invited to participate the Feria.

NUEVO NEGOCIO The public can choose from the wide array of products being showcased at the Robinsons Place Naga during the Feria de Camarines exhibit in November, last year. PIA photo

He said that the producers of processed stuffs will market their products of about 84 brands of local processed foods.

Ablan assured that these products, which will be exhibited and made available in the Feria, are safe and fit for human consumption as they are manufactured by producers certified by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Aside from food products, technological innovations and equipment in relation to food processing will be featured during the trade fair for the purpose of exhibiting new technology on food production.

Ablan said that some business establishments are also invited to participate in the trade fair. He said these firms, which will be introduced during the Feria, may offer help to the food processors in terms of improving their product labeling and packaging techniques. He elaborated that labeling and packaging are considered as tools in attracting buyers.


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