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DTI warns: ‘Shop wisely for a safe holiday season’

By Sally Altea

AS the holiday season approaches, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issues a stern warning to consumers amidst the enticing sales and discounts flooding the market. With an abundance of choices, buyers are urged to exercise caution in their purchases, considering factors such as quality, safety, and affordability.

DTI Albay’s senior industry specialist, Malou Pasobillo, emphasizes the importance of being “wais” or wise during this festive period. She cautions against falling for tempting promotions, urging consumers to scrutinize product labels, especially expiry dates, and ensuring that price tags align with the actual counter prices.

In Naga City, Jay Percival Ablan, the provincial head of DTI-Camarines Sur, emphasizes the importance of checking commodity prices and comparing them with other stores. Additionally, he highlights the need to verify product expiry dates to ensure the safety of goods for consumption.

Pasobillo further advises shoppers to create a well-defined budget and stick to a shopping list to combat impulse buying. To empower consumers, DTI has released a “Noche Buena” price guide for commonly used products, encouraging buyers to compare prices across stores.

Safety and quality are paramount, particularly for items like Christmas lights and decorations. Pasobillo stresses the necessity of choosing products with the Philippine Standard (PS) quality or safety mark to avert fire-related incidents caused by uncertified and substandard goods.

The DTI also issues a cautionary note regarding online shopping, urging consumers to transact only with legitimate and DTI-registered sellers. Pasobillo warns against the allure of social media ads offering significantly cheaper products, emphasizing the importance of traceability in case of defective items.

For redress, consumers with queries or complaints are directed to contact the DTI office in Legazpi City. The Department assures its commitment to facilitating resolutions for defective products if the seller is legitimate or DTI-registered.

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, the DTI’s message is clear: Be vigilant, choose wisely, and prioritize safety and quality over enticing discounts. Your hard-earned money deserves careful consideration in the face of the holiday shopping frenzy.

THRIVING through the festive hustle: ‘tis the season for joy and shopping spree as consumers dive into the Christmas rush. CEPPIO FILE PHOTO


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